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Hey Harry Potter fans! I decided to finally update my website! It's been a long time. I almost forgot about this site. I went on it and noticed I had posted a guest book, so I looked to see if I had comments and I had several! I felt so happy to see them all and at the same time so sad that I had not noticed them till now! I promise I shall make a section for replies & I will reply to them all! I also promise that I am going to pimp this site up so frickin much it'll send shivers down your spine lol. I will also keep writing ;] for fans and myself. For those who hate my writing, you dont have to tell me -.-' Not everyone is going to like everyone's stuff, so it's not suprising & it doesnt shock me that I would have haters. I hope the people who do like my stuff however, continue to read and review! I'll always respond & please keep in touch! It gives me insperation! :] Love you all-Mel<3


On this site you will find...
Info on me,
My Fanfiction
My Poetry
My pictures
Reviews and Replies
A Contact Page
A Contest Page
Polls/Recomendations/and comments
And possibly, some music/video downloads! 


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What's New?

I'm working on making this site better. I have an amazing boyfriend. I'm addicted to Myspace. I'm having slight writers block, any insperation/idea's you could pass me would be teriffic!

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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