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Away From It All...

Chapters 1-3
To Be Continued...


Pairings - Draco Malfoy/ Harry Potter

Rating - NC 17

Summary - An escape to The Burrow is the only survival of sanity for Harry Potter. Only one change can save the life of a Malfoy, but can it bring him justice, or rather…can it bring him peace? There are several paths to be followed, but only one will lead in the right direction.

Warnings - This story is… SLASH/YAOI (m/m pairing,) so if you don't like it… you should leave now! May contain coarse language, sexual content, rape, and any other bad thing your mind and obviously mine can come up with.

Disclaimer - Harry: Ok, the writer of this story does not own anything of Harry Potter, except this story, and ok, this disclaimer too, so what are you going to do? Sue me? Yes, Sue a tiny little Slash character, if it will make you feel any better!
Draco: Oh, Original disclaimer Potter!
Harry: No, Not really, I need a new writer!
-(Brought to you by Geco and Geico commercials)-and the writer! Hey how come I’m not mentioned in the brackets?

Authors Note - So I have finally gotten this story started. I have always wanted to make a story such as this, but I didn’t think I could do it. It’s going to be very graphical, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, then please leave. I hope the people who read this fic enjoy it, and please Review!

Beta – Thank you so much for editing this extremely long and smutty chapter lol. Oh what the hell am I talking about? We all know you enjoyed it! ^. ~

So let the magic begin…

Away From It All

Chapter One - I’m So Scared


“Where are you going, boy?”

“Away from you! Away from this house! Away from this abusive so-called family!”

“Don’t you dare walk out of this house, boy!”


I’ve lived in darkness all of my life. I was brought to my relatives place after my parents were brutally killed by Lord Voldemort, or as the Dursleys called it…a car crash. I knew from the beginning that I did not belong. It wasn’t until my first year at Hogwarts when I truly realized where I belonged. It was anywhere but the Dursleys home.

Sirius was my godfather who past away recently. Being the age that I am, I was forced to remain with the Dursleys.

It’s late and quite cold. I wish we hadn’t of fought, but how can I possibly stand staying in a house with muggles who wish I were dead, and discuss horrible things about my parents.

My short raven-black messy hair seems to be moving slightly with the wind. My emerald-green eyes start to water as the cool air blows at my face. I bring my thin arms up and around me, trying to keep myself as warm as possible.

I am now walking by the park where the Night Bus had picked me up in my third year. The sky is dark and I know by the hours…I have to find a safe place to stay. I couldn’t possibly stay at the park, or outside, period! It is much to cold for that.

I walk past the park, and I spot what seems to be an abandoned building. I was about to walk straight in, but I heard voices trailing from the inside. I heard the voices chatting softly, and they seemed harmless… so I entered.

“Oi! Looks like we have a newcomer!” a young, and tattered girl spoke.

“I’m sorry! Am I intruding at all?”

“No, no! Not at all” a few men replied. They looked pretty old, but how could I possibly tell, when they were covered in rags and dirt.

“I was...err, just looking for a place to stay for the night. Just one night.”

“Come in now, we aren’t going to bite” another girl from the circle of people stated to me.

“Right! Sorry!”

“You don’t have to apologize!” the same girl stated.

“Thanks,” I said with a smile.

I looked around at my surroundings. I noticed that quite a few of the people here were paired off. Maybe they are runaways I thought. I watched as some went up the stairs, entering their rooms.

I listened while the group of people remained silently chatting to one another. I started to really feel my body drain as sleep wanted to take over. I was usually up at night, but fighting with my Uncle Vernon always seemed to ware me down.

“Do you need a room to sleep in?” The tattered girl asked me as she saw me yawn once more.

“That would be splendid” I replied.

“Well…it’s going to cost you,” she winked.

“How much?” I asked her.

She started to giggle non-coherently. “I was just kidding!”

“Oh,” I replied. I felt uneasy as she looked at me. She may be tattered, but she still had looks that could catch any guy’s eye. I smiled at her as she took my hand to show me where I could rest.

We walked up the stairs with my cold hand shaking in hers. The building made me feel nervous, yet calm. She opened a wooden door. I listened to it creek as it opened to reveal a small and dark room with a double bed. There was a small end table beside the bed and a bar of blue light on the wall. There was also a clock on the table.

“You can stay here for the night.”

I said my thanks to her and she looked at me with wide-open eyes.

“Why are you out on the streets?” She asked me.

I told her that it was not important, and that it was a sure thing that I would only be here for tonight, and then I would be off. She smiled at me oddly. I couldn’t help but smile back, and then she went on her way. I turned to look at the old room once more. I remembered seeing a lock on the door, so I turned to lock the door before laying my half asleep body onto the bed.

As sleep was drawling in on me, I could hear crying moans from the other rooms. It terrified me to think that someone could be in so much pain, and there was nothing I could do. I mean sure I’m a wizard, but to help them would mean I would be showing my identity to everyone. Not only that, but I am not able to use magic in the muggle world. It’s forbidden. I would be known as “the freak of the building.” Even if I wanted to…I know I would be of no help to the people being abused. How can you help them when you can’t even help yourself?

Knowing that I was no help, and being as tired as I was, I began to fall asleep.

I woke up with a start when I felt something cold encircling my wrists. I tried to get up, but something held me down. It took me nearly a full minute to discover that I was handcuffed to the bed. I was completely disoriented and didn't even realize that there was someone at the end of the bed. It was too dark to see anything, but silhouettes.

I began to struggle a bit, trying to make sense of the scene, when I felt two large, rough hands take hold of my hips, and pin me to the bed. I really began to squirm earnestly now, but he was so strong, and I wasn't going anywhere with those handcuffs holding me down. I tried to scream, and it was only then that I realized that part of my boxers had been shoved into my mouth. I attempted to spit them out, but that became the least of my worries as I felt the stranger's cock began to press against my bare ass.

I had never been with a guy before. I am purely attracted to girls, so I am used to being the dominant one. I remember one time I had been with this really kinky witch who had worn a dildo, trying to invade my ass. It must have been a measly six inches long and maybe two inches wide, but I got out of there quick. No freakish woman was going to invade my ass. This man was easily twice as long and twice as wide. He shoved my legs up over his shoulders and began to press his dick to me, but only slightly. I struggled and moaned, desperate to keep him out of me, feeling that he wasn't using protection. I was scared. What kind of diseases could I get from this man? I could even get pregnant if he didn't pull out in time. Being a wizard, male pregnancy isn’t impossible, it’s just rare. Somewhere along the line, I accepted that I would be raped, so my main concern was no longer escape, which would have been impossible.

I relaxed my arse as much as I could, but he still spread me much farther than I had ever been spread before as his pole inched slowly to my dry ass. I grunted as he began to thrust his mouth on my cock. Harder, inching deeper than anyone had before. At about nine inches, he stopped, but that didn't stop him from continuing to try and shove more of his cock into me, causing me to scream against my gag from the pain.

He then began to pump my cock in and out of his mouth again. He started to finger my ass, the walls getting slicker, almost welcoming his thrusts despite the pain they caused. I couldn't believe that I was going to have an orgasm while I was being raped! My grunts and moans had become groans of pleasure, and my legs tightened around his shoulders, urging him deeper and harder onto me. Some primal part of my body must have taken over, and my only thought was to get this huge man to cum on me. I wasn't disappointed, and as soon as he shot his slimy wad onto me, my own orgasm caused me to quake from head to toe.

The stranger collapsed on top of me for a few minutes, and my breathing returned to normal. What had I DONE? I had cum with a rapist, like some little whore who would cum no matter what dick was planted in front of him. I was completely ashamed, and now I wondered what my punishment would be. Did this man have AIDS? Would I give birth to his baby nine months down the road? The thought nearly made me throw up, until I realized that him coming on me would do nothing, it had to be in me.

The man got up and flipped me over onto my stomach. The pain of my arms being twisted shocked me, but it was just a small pinprick compared to the pain that was to come. The gag flew out of my mouth, but it didn't matter since my face was firmly pressed into the pillows on my bed. No one would hear me scream, and even if I could scream, the building was practically empty, or it was only filled with “his” kind.

I felt his hard cock pressing against my little arse, and I knew what he was going to do. I screamed into my pillow and flopped from side to side, trying to escape my fate. His large hands gripped my waist and held me down, and I bit into the pillow, my fingers digging into my palms.

I knew that this man with his freakishly huge cock was going to rape me again, so I settled down and took a few deep breathes. He pressed against my asshole, and I was sure there was no way he would ever be able to fit inside of me. It took him nearly ten minutes of searing pain on my part to get half an inch inside of me, but he persisted. The tight little ring of my asshole gripped his meaty cock so tightly I thought I would squeeze the blood right out of him, but he seemed to enjoy the tight squeeze and continued to press against me.

I screamed until my voice was gone, but that didn't stop him. He methodically kept pushing his huge cock into my tiny ass, spreading my asshole far more than it was ever intended to go. I felt tiny rips form, and I felt blood roll down the crack of my ass onto the bed, but still he continued to thrust into me, inching along. He maybe had three inches inside of me, but I instinctively knew he wouldn't stop until he was all the way inside of me. My palms bled from my fingernails digging into them, but still he continued.

So I lay there as still as I could be, feeling my ass shred beneath him, feeling every millimeter of his cock inside of me. I felt strangely full and bloated as he continued to fuck my ass. Four inches inside of me, I estimated to myself. God, he couldn't possibly put that huge cock all the way inside of me… could he?

After he managed to squeeze five inches inside of me, I began to have horrible cramps, which only seemed to heighten his pleasure. He groaned in the back of his throat, almost sounding like a growl, as my ass clamped down hard on his thick pole. It felt like someone was carelessly rubbing sandpaper slowly inside my entire ass. Strange sounds came from my throat, bubbling up over the pain. He sank lower into my ass. Seven inches.

After he managed to sink nine inches into my ass, the cramps stopped, but a searing pain replaced them. Inhuman noises escaped from my throat as I tried desperately to escape the pain inside of me. Still he pressed on. I wondered if the pain would ever end, until I felt something let go in my ass, and he slid the rest of his fourteen-inch cock all the way into my hole. I felt blood oozing out of my ass, but he didn't seem to mind as he reared back and began to thrust inside of me with hard, quick thrusts. I grunted with each thrust, biting the pillow for all I was worth, the pain almost enough to make me faint.

Time moved so slowly. I stared at the clock and watched the minutes pass. Still he continued to thrust inside of me, my ass completely on fire from the brutal attack. It had taken him nearly forty minutes to ease all the way inside of me, and now that he was in, he didn't seem to have any inclination of getting out. My cock twitched underneath me in time with the thrusting, and I could feel how loose and sloppy my ass was becoming as he continued to pump into me.

He fucked my ass raw for over half an hour, forcing himself deep inside of me, his fat balls slapping against my ass. Finally, once I was beginning to think that he would never cum, he grunted and shot his thick wad into my ass. As he pulled out, I could feel my asshole stay open, so wide that he could probably fit his fist up into my ass. To my horror, he must have read my thoughts, because I soon felt his fist being rammed easily into my asshole.

He lay there for several minutes, and I felt my asshole begin to close up around his fist. I wondered how he was going to get it out. He lay completely still, allowing my ass to close up around him; until I was squeezing his fist so hard it was painful.

He let my asschute tighten more around his fist, relishing me squirming in pain. Without warning, he began to punch me, deep inside, causing me to yelp. Over, and over and over he punched me, causing more blood to flow inside of me. Finally, he stopped, and he said; “Now you're going to have to shit out my fist, sexy.”

Why did that voice sound familiar? I asked myself, shocked that my silent assailant had actually said something. I began to push down against his fist, and pain ripped through me anew as his fist slid down toward my puckered and abused asshole, which by this time was swollen around his wrist and was clamping it in a death grip. I grunted, and groaned, and screamed, and cried, and dug my hands into my flesh, as I felt my poor battered ass begin to expand, ripping anew. It took quite a while, but I managed to pop his fist out, and he turned me over onto my back, shoving his face to my own. He brutally began to bite my neck.

“One more quick fuck and I'm done with you,” he said, shoving his fat cock into my ass once more. He fucked me hard and fast, shoving as much of his cock into me as he could. This time there was no orgasm for me - I was too worn out and hurt to do much more than make grunting noises in the back of my throat now and then. Finally, I felt him cum inside of me, my arse feeling loose and sloppy.

He climbed up off the bed and began to slip on his clothes. “I'm coming back for you,” he whispered, shoving my boxers back into my mouth. “I'm going to take you home with me tonight and I'm going to fuck you raw all weekend long. Maybe I'll just keep you for good, have my own live-in sex toy. You'd like that, huh? Dirty little whore.” He closed the bedroom door without a warning,

“NO PRICE, MY ASS!” I yelled loudly, when I was sure he was gone. I’m naked, trembling and scared. Tears all dried up and gone. I have never been this scared and humiliated in my whole life. I wish I had just stayed outside, or out at the park. How could this have happened to me? DAMN MY BODY TO HELL! I am just like my Uncle Vernon said. I am WEAK! I fear for my life. I was just brutally raped, and the man is coming back for more. What could he possibly get from me? My tears have stopped; the pain has dried them up, and has made me vulnerable. I am sickened. How could I let such a thing happen to myself? How could I let something like that happen to others? I’m a wizard, and yet I couldn’t save myself. I’ve been through so many obstacles in my life, but never one such as this. How can I get past something like this?

My weak body, still trembling, starts to fuss with the cuffs. I have to get out of here. I have to get away from this building. I can no longer stay with my relatives, and I cannot allow myself to be vulnerable to the streets. There is only one safe place for me. I must go back to the Burrow. I have to be with friends who truly care for me.

I started to panic, as the cuffs would not come undone. I started to scream, but I was unheard with the gag in my mouth.

My hands started to lower, as a release was felt. Somehow the cuffs had opened and come off, but how? I didn’t think much of it as I pulled the boxers out of my mouth, and got my heavily hurting body up off the bed. I know I don’t have much time, but I have to quickly get out, no matter what!

My body is bruised and hurting more than it ever has before. I grabbed my wand, which was set in the drawer before I fell asleep. I thanked the gods when I noticed a fireplace was in the room. I then got hold of floo powder, and flooed to my destination. I could hear the door creek open as I left. Relief flooded over me that I had made it out alive and before that wretched man could get his hold on me once again. I just hope that when I get to my new destination I will still be welcomed.

To Be Continued…

Spoiler - What’s going on with the Malfoys…is defiantly interesting! Lucius is a madman, Narcissa is a “kind” goddess whom only wants to protect her son, and Draco wants nothing more than to be safe with his mother, and remain on the side of the light.

Authors Note - I hope I am accomplishing the POV’S in this fic! Let me know how it is! Please have fun R/R!

Beta – Thanks for editing as always! I’m kind of busy chatting to you on msn right now to make this note lol. Your questions are so amusing right now :p ^_^ Hope you are getting some editing done right now…and one more thing… *Gives you an UBBER SUPERSONIC ORGASMIC cookie!*

So let the magic begin…

Chapter TwoDetermination


I’m sick of this bullshit. I’ve been working for Lord Voldemort, which has caused a drift between my wife and I. My son looks down on me, I can tell. I won’t have it anymore. My son will look up to me, and he will join the dark side wither he likes it or not. It shall soon be time for Draco to receive the dark mark.

I am going to get my authority as a husband and as a father back in this household!

My wife Narcissa now uses sex as a lever. If she were pissed off, which was often, she would withhold sex, sometimes for weeks on end. The only saving grace was that I now worked from home and so had the mansion to myself quite often. Unfortunately this became a double-edged sword as on one hand, literally. I could relieve myself whilst on the other I became more resentful of her and obsessed with the power I was allowing her to have over me.

After one particularly “bitching” fight, I found myself in my study with my wife asleep. It was about 1a.m. when I gave in and climbed the stairs to bed. As I undressed in the light of our alarm clock I looked at the shape my wife’s sleeping body made under the duvet. She was lying on her back diagonally across the bed with her legs apart.

For the next few minutes I just looked down on her imagining how she would look with the duvet removed, her nightdress twisted, and her white panties partially displayed.

I gently lowered myself down to the mattress and slowly put my weight on the bed, praying it would not creak and disturb her.

As I lifted the duvet I peered underneath at her parted legs and mound, made smooth by the cotton of her underwear. I was now lying by her side supported on my left elbow.

I gently lifted the hem of her baby-blue nightgown to see where her lightly tanned belly met her waistband and knew I had to have her.

My right hand dropped gently onto her soft stomach as she stirred. I held my hand still as she settled again. Trying my luck again, I moved my hand up under her nightdress towards her breasts, but this time she started to wake.

Increasing my grip slightly, I stopped her from removing my hand but she was now becoming wide-awake.

“Piss off! What the fuck, are you doing? Leave me alone!” were all phrases she used as she tried to move away from me, but to no avail. I now had my right knee between her legs and was rolling myself on top of her. I knew I was too heavy but I didn’t care.

“Get off me. I don’t want to do this!” She continued. I put my left hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t wake our sweet Draco, who was in the next room.

My right-hand was now on her breast and I slipped it down to her pussy to get her wet enough to enter.
She still struggled but it did her no good as I brusquely finger-fucked her.

When she was wet I took my hand and opened my jeans to release my hard dick. I roughly pushed it towards her hole and with a finger pulling her gusset to one side I roughly jabbed at her until her labia yielded and I was inside her.

All my weight was on her now as I moved my right-hand under her buttocks and squeezed hard.

“You bastard!” she struggled to say, “This is rape!”
I released my left-hand and raised myself onto an elbow. Looking her in the eyes I could feel the hatred within her and just said, “You’re my fucking wife, now fucking well act like it!” And I began to pump her in a strong and rhythmical way.

I could tell that she did not want to believe what was happening, but fuck, we were on the rocks anyway and I could never be convicted for doing this. I decided that “if” this was to be the last time I would screw her, then I would enjoy it, so I pushed myself onto my knees and forcibly raised her legs.

I removed her panties completely and roughly pushed her nightdress up to her neck. I spread her ankles apart, legs still raised and pushed inside her once again. As I leant forward I reached across to the nightstand and flicked on her light. I pushed her legs higher until she was bent even more, and started to pound her as deep and as hard as I could.

Within a minute she was involuntarily sopping wet and each jab saw me up to my nuts in her guts. She was going nowhere until I finished banging her.

I felt myself getting close to orgasm so I shifted my weight back onto my knees, spread her long legs as wide as I could, her ankles in my hands and fucked as hard and as strong as I had ever fucked.

Her tits, totally unsupported now from pregnancy were bouncing wildly as her body resounded to the jarring I was giving her. My balls were banging against her tight ass. Suddenly I went tight, my knees almost buckled and I was shooting cum into her belly.

After 30 seconds or so I let her ankles go and she slowly lowered her legs to the bed. I climbed out from her parted thighs and flopped on the mattress beside her.

Normally after lovemaking I would get her some tissue to mop up my cum, but this was not lovemaking. What we did was plain fucking, and as far as I was concerned I was done and she was on her own. She just lay there dripping.

“You hate me?” she said, looking at the ceiling.

“No, I hate what we have become…you a frigid old bitch, and me now…a fucking rapist.”

“Why were you so rough?” she asked.

“Sheer fucking frustration” I replied. “From now on, if you want to sleep in this fucking bed you will do as I fucking well tell you… and no more fucking games. You are my wife and part of that involves sex. If you don’t like it, then piss-off by all means, but the kid stays here.”

“I’m tired…go and clean yourself up. And turn off the light!”

The bed creaked slightly as she rolled off the mattress and padded off to the bathroom with her hand between her legs to catch my dripping cum.
She returned two minutes later. She climbed back into the marital bed, and turned off the light.
The future was set.


Malfoys do not cry. That is one of the hundreds of rules I have learned from the moment I was born. And so I won’t cry. Not right now. Not as I can hear what he is doing. I hate him. The one I am supposed to call “father”.

I can’t believe he actually thinks I cannot hear my mother’s cries as he rapes her.

He came home about a week through summer. My mother and I thought our lives were finally going down the right path until he came back. I have always been close to my mother. She was always like a goddess to me, so sweet, so pure, and perfect. She loved me.

My father on the other hand…my father is a spawn of the dark, and he deserves nothing but death. He expects me to get the dark mark and follow in his footsteps. How I wish he would just die and rot in hell for what he is doing to my mother and I. How can I possibly join him, and serve the measly fuck they call Voldemort? I hate everything about them. Especially since there number one enemy is Harry James Potter.

They expect me to join them, and kill Potter.

When returning home this summer, I spoke with my mother about the up comings in my life. She had asked me if I had fallen for anyone. I told her then and there, that I had been in love with the same person since I was a child, and that was never going to change.

She giggled, “Pansy Parkinson?” she questioned. My laughter must have filled the entire mansion, and I told her that I could never love Pansy Parkinson, even if she were the last person in the wizarding world.

“Then who else could you possibly be in love with since childhood?” she asked. I smiled wildly at her. She has been the only one to ever see me smile, or at least the only one who would remember it.

“Oh, my dear, Draco! You couldn’t possibly be in love with…with, Potter?” She said appalled.

My eyes must have sparkled like the only Malfoy who had ever truly been in Love, because she smiled and accepted what I told her. She knew since I was a child that I was bisexual, mainly because of my actions. “As long as you are happy with him, then I will remain happy as well.” My mother told me. She also told me to remain safe. She didn’t want to wake up one morning to hear that I had died.

I told her not to worry. I told her that my love could never be returned. Not only does Harry think of me as an enemy, but also he could never accept a Malfoy actually being in love with him. Hell, I don’t even think Harry could accept a same sex relationship. I have only seen him with girls. My mother sighed.

“Draco, my sweet-poor boy! Please, if you ever let him know. Promise me we will have dinner together. I am sure everything will work out. How could it not? You are, after all, one of the most charming young men in the wizarding world,” She said, while smiling non-stop.

I agreed, but then told her that Harry was a very attractive man himself. Why else would I fall for someone like him? “Maybe his personality had something to do with it too,” My mother joked. Of course it did. His every fiber of being mattered to me, but he will never know. I made him my enemy at the beginning of the first year. I was supposed to become friends with him by order. Truth be told, I think I did everything possible to come off arrogant, so Harry would turn me down. No matter how much I cared for him. He hating me was best for his own safety.

The summer is closing to an end, and my father has grown more mad, and evil since the beginning. He takes my mother when he pleases, and because she does not wish to leave this world, or me, she remains in his bed.

I’m laying in my bed, listening to her finished cries. They are finally done. I hope against hope that she is all right. I can’t wait to see her face in the morning. I want her to be safe. My father is too strong to go against. So I remain lying in my bed, hopeless. I can’t help her. I can’t save her from this indecent pain.

I wish I could just end my tormenting thoughts by crying myself to sleep, but I can’t, for I am a Malfoy, and Malfoys don’t cry.


I’m lying in bed with my husband, feeling like a convict. Although I wish it were a loving, and condemning relationship, it is far from it.

I am being forced to stay here. I do not mind when thinking of the reasons why I stay. I cannot leave this world, and that is what will happen if I leave Lucius. More then that, I will not leave my son Draco in harms way.

I feel sorry for bringing my son into this world. My precious boy has to endure my mistakes, and has to feel the worst of all feelings…unconditional love.

It seems my family is the only one that endures the most pain in the world, yet you would think we would be the happiest of people.

I remember a time when my husband was sane. It was unbelievable how happy we were. We are joined with the Black family for life, because of my blood, but we had also been friends with the Potters. Our Son Draco was born, and short after; Lily and James had their son, Harry.

My son and I were there for the Potters when they gave birth to their loving son. Lucius was resided missing the week before it had happened. We always joked that our children would someday get married, that was until we found out they were both boys. Of course Lily and I remained joking, James on the other hand wanted his boy to be with a woman. In the end he decided to leave the situation to, “Let’s have Harry follow his own heart!” The family agreed that Harry and Draco would both follow their hearts. Severus would have been there if he weren’t on the prowl to find Lucius. Lupin and Sirius however were there. Sirius was named as Harry’s godfather, and Lupin was known as the godmother…seeming as how they were a couple. That had been the last day we were together as friends.

Evil broke out. Lily and James were announced dead. Draco cried for days. I thought he was sick, but nothing seemed to be wrong with him. Maybe he sensed how I felt, as he curled up to me, nurturing off of me, his mother.

Lucius returned. He was a madman. He still remains insane. The week before Harry was born was the last I saw of my “husband.”

Severus remains on the side of the light. He is a spy. I would be on the side of the light if I had that option. But as Draco’s mother, I must do what is right, and protecting him is the only thing I have left to do in this life.

The marauders seemed to have broken down, as James died, Lupin disappeared; Sirius landed himself in Azkaban, being blamed for the death of the Potters. I wish I could have confessed to knowing who was to blame. The measly rat… Peter Pettigrew.

I wish I could kill him myself.

I heard that their boy, Harry…had been sent to a muggle home. When Draco was at age 6, I remember going to Privet drive, the street that Lily’s son had been living on. I took Draco and his friend Pansy to the park; I wanted to see how my friend’s son was growing.

I remember smiling for the first time since their deaths as I heard the most beautiful words come from my son’s mouth.

“M-Mum…is that an angel?” He spoke. I almost cried as he asked the question. Pansy was still playing on the slide, while I held my son tight.

Draco was captivated by the thin-boy, who was being picked on by a very “large” boy of the same age. My son wanted to run out and help the boy he called an angel. I picked him up and held him tightly, averting his eyes from the scene. I did not want him to see his “would-be-childhood-friend” being abused in such a manner.

I wished for so long that I could have protected my friend’s son, but there was nothing I could do. So I took Pansy and my son back to the manor.

Lucius arrived home, frantic. He started to command that he be alone with his son. He told me it was now time to work with his son more often then he usually would. I knew what that meant when I handed Draco over. Lucius was preparing our son. He was making him follow up in his footprints, to be a slave to his dark lord. Luckily, Draco has somehow kept his sweet
innocent and caring mind.

I turned my thoughts away as I looked at my husband lying in bed. I watch as his stomach rises softly up and down, as he breathes in and out. How can I possibly still love him after all the pain he has caused?

My body in pain, I slowly got up, wrapping my robe around me tightly. I had to check up on my sweet Draco. I wanted to make sure he was all right, and had not heard what happened earlier that night. I looked back at Lucius one last time, with teary eyes, and a small smile. Where had my dear husband gone? I thought as I walked out of the bedroom and wandered down the hall to Draco’s room.

I knocked silently at the door, and when there was no reply I opened it slightly. Noticing the figure of my son’s body resting in his bed, I tiptoed over to him.
As I was about to gently sit beside him and kiss him lightly on the forehead I stopped to see fluttering eyelids open. His iced-blue eyes opened quickly, as he sat up.

“Mother!” I heard him yelp. It’s ok, I cooed into his ear, as I hugged him tightly as usual. He was trembling slightly, and seemed shaken.

I asked if he heard what had happened. He looked down and I knew he had. I hugged him once again, telling him that things would be fine.


My mother woke me up from a horrifying dream. I was glad to see her face when my eyes fluttered open. After hearing what my father had done to her, I finally fell asleep, but only to dream of the unspeakable things he had done to me. Not only did he torture my mother in such a way, but he also had done the same to me a few times before. He had never done to me as bad as he had done to her, but in my dreams the pain was worse. My dreams felt to real to be just dreams, and I felt relieved as I was being held in my mother’s arms.

My heart raced as my fears riled up when her arms
were pulled from mine.

A man drove a shoulder into her back, causing us both to land on the floor hard, and my mother unconscious.

The man, after locking the door, easily lifted me off the floor. He clamped a hand over my mouth and placed a knife to my throat. I was helpless.

The man was Lucius; my father. He kissed my neck.

“We are going to have some fun, fuck toy. Just be a good boy, and I won't be forced to slice you. We understand each other?”

I stared wide-eyed at the knife and nodded.

“Good fuck toy.” He grabbed me by the hair.

“Take off your silk bottoms, fuck toy.”

“Please...don't...” I begged.

My father backhanded me across the face. I staggered.

“Please don't piss me off,” said, my father in a quiet voice. “I will kill you. Now, take off your bottoms.”

I obeyed, wriggling out of my pant bottoms. I was now bare chess, and wearing only silk green boxers. I
heard my father’s breath quicken.

“Very nice. You are going to be a wonderful fuck toy.”
He sliced off my leather-shelled bracelet. My fear bubbled up, and I began to whimper as he pinched my nipples.

“Yes, very nice. Put your hands out in front of you, and stay still.”

I did as I was ordered. He duct taped my wrists together. I started to whimper harder which earned me a quick slap in the face. I should have kept it in. I know a Malfoy is to never whimper, yelp, sob, or cry.

“Calm down, fuck toy, or I will REALLY hurt you.”
I took a deep breath to quiet myself, but my body still shook with fear.

He dragged me across the room to a closet. He had me kneel as he opened the door, and placed a heavy box from the closet to secure it in place. He pulled me up by my hair and pushed me against the door.

He looped one end of a long piece of cord around my bound wrists and tied it off. He then tossed the cord over the top of the door.

He grabbed the other end and pulled. I screamed as my arms shot above my head. He pulled until my toes were barely touching the floor. He tied the cord taunt on a closet hanger rod. I was hanging helpless before him.

He taped my mouth shut with duct tape to muffle my screams. I shook my head as he kneeled before my helpless body.

He slipped my boxers a tiny bit, while he kissed both of my feet. He ran his tongue up my legs to my thighs. I screamed in terror into my taped gag.

“You better stay still, fuck toy. Or I will cut you.”

I stiffened as he used the tip of his knife to slice through the crotch of my boxers, and then sliced them off completely. I was now exposed to him.

He began to rub my soft cock. Tears of shame rolled down my face.

“Well… my fuck toy is getting hard for his daddy. You want to be raped, don't you fuck toy?”

I couldn't answer. I was lost in the forced pleasure t-this so-called father was inflicting on me. It wasn’t real pleasure. It was just a bodily reaction to being touched by another male. It sickened me beyond belief. It was one of the first times I have ever truly wanted to die.
When he put his tongue to my cock again, I came, bucking against the door. When he added his finger and pumped in and out of my arse as he licked my dick, I came a second time, my wetness dripping down his hand and leg.

He spread my legs and lifted them off the ground. He drove his stiff cock into me.

“Wrap your legs around me, fuck toy. Fuck your father.”

I wrapped my thin-pale legs around his waist and the pleasure I had felt was replaced by pain and shame. He pounded me against the door with hard quick strokes. I was being raped, plain and simple.

He pulled out and turned me around. With my face pushed against the closet door, he spread my ass cheeks and rammed his cock into my ass. I screamed
and screamed.

“Yes, scream for me, fuck toy. Scream as your Rapist sodomizes you. You are my Rape Victim now.”

I screamed until I ran out of energy. I went limp, barely feeling the brutal strokes of my fathers cock in my ass. I even stopped feeling the pain in my arms and wrists from being strung up like a slab of meet.

He grunted and came inside me. I just hung there, catatonic.

He took some more duct tape and taped “Fuck Toy Draco” to the closet door. I looked like an insect caught in flypaper.

He left the door open as he left “Fuck Toy Draco’s” room.

I can’t believe what he had just done to me. Not only did he mentally abuse me once more, but physically as well. He had never gone this far before. He must have been pissed. I couldn’t think anymore. I only hung from the door trying to breath while watching my mother stir awake on the floor. I wished so badly that I could save myself, and save my mother from seeing me in such a bad manner. How could my own father, her own husband, do such things to us? And how could we just stand by and allow it? I wanted revenge like I never had before. I wanted so bad to see him dead, but I knew I would never see it happen.

The pain I felt was traveling through me and I felt like fainting. My eyes still remained dry. The once soft-ice-blue eyes, were now crystallized and hard. They only seek for revenge from pain.

My mother’s eyes fluttered open, and she saw me hanging from the closet. She quickly went to stand but couldn’t. She then started to crawl her way to me.

“I’m so sorry, my son. I’m so sorry Draco,” was all I could hear her say. I wanted to yell back at her, to make sure she knew it was not her fault, and I loved her all the same.

My mother reached me, and with the sharp knife left behind on the floor, she cut the cord. I fell to the floor quickly, landing on the box. I screeched in pain, as my mother sobbed onto my body. I couldn’t move no matter how hard I tried. She then tore the tape from my mouth with her sharp nails. She lifted me with her weak body, and I lay in her arms, as she rocked me back and forth.

“I’ll protect you, Draco” was all I could hear as I started to black out.

I watched as my mother’s tears fell and hit my face. They burned with love and my eyes closed shut, as I finally passed out.

To Be Continued…

Spoilers - Harry returns to his safe haven. Family and friends reunite, and relations are revealed. It seems like The Weasleys are having financial issues that cannot be ignored.
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So let the magic begin…

Chapter Three - Back To the Burrow



“Harry, are you alright?”

“Set him down here…”

“Mum! Dad! Is he going to be alright?”

“Patience, son!”

“Harry, dear? Can you hear us?

“Just leave the poor boy be. He needs his rest right now!”

The room is hot, smouldering even. The heat burns my skin as my eyelids flutter. Ears cautious to all sounds. Pulse beating heavily. My skin was crawling, and my body was trembling.

My eyes once again started to flutter open. I could feel myself begin to start breathing at a normal pace, as my surroundings came into focus. I was in a small dim room, with only a flicker of light from a fire. It was surrounded by shadows of red and brown wallpaper. Moving pictures casting only happy times and ripped Quidditch posters hang amongst the walls. There was no doubt in my mind. I had indeed returned to the Burrow. In fact, I was taking Ron’s bed captive.

My eyes are sore, and I can feel the rough sensation my tears have left on my tanned cheeks. Great, I cried like a bloody girl was my first thought, but what the hell – I deserve to let something come out of me after what I went through. And I am talking tears and emotions! Not cum! Great, now I’m muttering perverted thoughts to myself.

I’m trying to sit up, as my eyes are fully open. All I wish to do is cure my body and mind of the current events, which were bestowed upon me.

But first I must convince the Weasleys that I am perfectly fine. I do not want them to worry.

As I try to move my limp body up, and out of bed, I gasp. My body hurts so badly. After at least fifteen minutes of struggling, I reached a sitting position.

I could feel a pull to my muscles. My lower parts twitched with pain, reminding me of the horrible ordeal.

I grabbed onto the nearest broom, keeping my body in a standing-still position. I then began to slowly walk towards the small closet door. I reached for the handle and pulled open the small door. My childhood swashed before my eyes.

I gazed upon my lithe, fragile, and bruised figure in the mirror. My body was tampered with, and badly. “I’m trash,” was all I could think, and spit at my image, “Pure Trash.”
I looked sickeningly at my bruised and scratched body. I turned slowly to take a look at my tortured and swollen ass. I was stained not only in blood, but also with the memory of being taken. I was no longer pure. The worst part about it was the fact that it was brought on by force.

Yes, I have slept with several women before, but I was always the dominant one. I was always gentle, and it always meant something. For heaven sakes, a bloody guy raped me! I hate that fact the most. I am most certainly not a poof!

Fresh tears started to glaze my eyes as the blood reminded me of every battle I have been in. The scratches and cuts reminded me of my fateful brush with suicidal attempts I use to bestow upon myself, and just might start again. The bruises – the bruises reminded me of every beating I have gotten from the Dursley family.

I can feel my heart begin to race again, and my body still twitches from the thought of being locked in that closet under the stairs. The closet: dark, thin, and small. It was the one room I hated and loved all the same. The spaceless room that closed in on me terrified me, but the closure reassured me of my protection. It was a roof over my head.

I harshly shut the door, and glared at it for a moment before using a flick of my wand to have clothing appear on my body. I would get rid of the dirty appearance I was giving out, but what would be the sense? The people I call family at the Burrow have already seen the scars left upon my naked body that Floo through the fireplace, and into their living room. Professor Dumbledore had given me permission to use magic in the muggle world, but only if it were appropriate. I wished to God that I could have reached my wand, and prevented the abuse and rape from happening.

I think this situation might just have permanently damaged me, as if I wasn’t damaged enough already.

A quick knock at the door alarmed me, but I let it go.

“May I come in?” The familiar voice of my dearest mate, Ronald Weasley appeared. “I know you are awake, Harry. The whole family, Hermione, and I could hear you about.”

“Yeah, just hold on, mate. I’m getting dressed.” I could hear myself say, lying through my teeth.

I breathed in deeply. Well I might as well get this over with, but telling them of what happened won’t be easy!

I opened the door, slowly revealing myself, “Hi, Ron! Come in.”


It’s been a long, but enjoyable summer. I have been staying at the Burrow, as my parents took a trip for two around the world. I insisted they do so. Sort of like a second honeymoon for their anniversary.

Ron and his brothers are playing Quidditch as I sit and read what anyone but I would call an insane read. I on the other hand, call it a light read.

Ginny was helping Mr. and Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen, cooking the morning meal. As I flipped page to page I started to get alarmed as I heard a racketed breathing sound. It seemed to be coming from the fireplace. Being the courageous Gryffindor that I am, I set my book down, and grabbed a poker stick, just for my own safety. You never know if a mad man will show up in your home by Floo.

As I etched closer to my destination, the breathing got stronger, and I could hear grasps and gasps of pain. Little moans erupted, and I knew for sure, that someone had been there.

I screamed for Mr. and Mrs. Weasley as my eyes nearly popped at of their sockets as I spotted my target.

It had been my dearest friend, Harry. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. My eyes must have been deceiving me. He started to stir each time I screamed.

“Harry!” I shouted.

The whole Weasley family was now surrounding the naked limp body of Harry, and I.

I couldn’t help but scream his name, “Harry!”

“Harry, are you alright?” I screamed uncontrollably.

“Set him down here…” said Mr. Weasley.

“Mum! Dad! Is he going to be alright?” Ron shouted.

“Patience, son!” His father replied.

“Harry, dear? Can you hear us? Mrs. Weasley asked softly.

“Just leave the poor boy be. He needs his rest right now!”

After Mr. Weasleys command to leave Harry be he levitated him to Ron’s room, and let him rest. The twins, Fred and George, sat around me, comforting me. They were really sweet, trying to calm me down.

Ron was in too much of a panic to help anyone, and Ginny locked herself in the bathroom and refused to come out.

It wasn’t until Mrs. Weasley forced her to let Ron use the bathroom that Ginny got out.

The sleeping arrangements were changed to assort comfort to Harry, so he would not be disturbed by noise and was able to sleep.

It wasn’t until two and a half days later that Harry awoke. I remember it clearly. The Weasley family and I were sat around the living room, talking of solutions to their money problems.

They were going to loose there home if they did not pay the mortgage within a week’s time. It was hard enough putting food on the table for everyone, especially having Hermione there for the summer. Harry was not able to join them for the summer because of their money problems. That is why they did not invite him, although they wished and prayed they could have every night.

I think the Weasley family blames themselves for whatever happened to Harry. They shouldn’t, but I fear they do.

They now have to support Harry, 3 children, themselves, and myself along with paying off the mortgage. I do not see how they can possibly manage. I wish to god I could help them, but I am just not able to.

As we fought of solutions, we could hear slight noises coming from upstairs.

“It’s Harry! It got to be! He must be awake! Can we please check on him?”

“I suppose, but one at a time.” Mr. Weasley announced.

“May I go first?”

“If you wish, dear.” Mrs. Weasley said.

I was getting up, but Ron put his hand to me. Stopping me from where I now stood.

“If you don’t mind Hermione…Do you think I could be the first to see him? You never know what kind of state he will be in.” Ron asked, politely.

“I guess you are right. You may see him first.”

I sat back down, watching as Ron went upstairs to see Harry. The room was quiet, and I was going to resume the earlier conversation, but I did not want to bring any more sadness to the household.

The silence was sad and deadly, yet I was intent on keeping it that way, and listened for any possible sounds coming from above. I heard Ron’s voice, yelling to Harry that the family and I heard that he was up. You could hear Harry let Ron in, and then the silence was again installed.


It was frightening. My siblings and I were playing Quidditch when we heard familiar screams coming from the house. It was Hermione.

She witnessed a naked and beaten Harry on the floor from the fireplace. As mom and dad calmed the situation, dad took Harry up to my brother Ron’s room.

I motioned for George to comfort Hermione, as Ginny ran from the situation and Ron remained panicked.

I had noticed prints of blood from Harry’s fingers and feet where it looked like he landed, and urged to get up. There was blood stained where his cuts were on his body. At first it just looked like he was beaten, but I noticed where the pool of blood was. The most was located in a position no one would want to condemn.

I knew right then and there that I had to remove of it, before anyone else realized what had happened to Harry. He was defiantly raped. And the girls especially would not be able to take knowing that.

I quickly removed the blood from the floor with a flick of my wand, and went over to my brother George, gave him a quick nod, thanking him, and I winked while sitting down to help him comfort a distraught Hermione.

As time passed, we discussed a family situation that had to be taken care of, and soon.

We went silent as we could hear noises from upstairs. Harry was up.

I felt sad, when seeing Hermione in such a state. She wanted so desperately to see her best friend before anyone, but being who she was, she let Ron go first.

And we were left to wait, as the boys reunited.


I was finally beating my twin brother at a friendly game of Quidditch when we heard the screams. It was Hermione, our summer guest.

We quickly made it back to the house, and Fred motioned me to comfort Hermione, as a very bloody and violated Harry was being taken care of.

I watched Fred dispose of what only we had noticed. I made sure to avert Hermione’s eyes every way possible. Fred and I did not worry about our sister Ginny as she left running to the bathroom dramatically. Ron paced in frustration, and mom sat down sadly, as dad took care of Harry.

Two and a half days later we remained in the living room discussing about how we could possibly afford to keep the house. We talked about selling and getting a new home, but that was not possible. We could never find a big enough place for our family and quests for a cheaper price then what we had to pay already.

We had to find a better solution. We knew Harry was awake by the sound of floorboards creaking. Ron was the first to see him.

I couldn’t help but wonder who did this. Who would want to cause this family so much pain? Maybe it was we, and not some fate. But then again, past memories would come back to haunt me, and some how I could only blame one person, and that was he-who-must-not-be-named.


I couldn’t believe it!

When I heard Hermione screaming, and then Harry’s name being rolled off of her tongue. I panicked. I ran into the room with mom and dad. They tried calming the situation, but I couldn’t help but feel sick.

His body. His once beautiful and perfect body. I would do anything to protect it. He was my saviour, the person I admired the most. Although I never told him, he has been the only person I have cared for. I couldn’t look at him in that state. It made me want to throw up. I did throw up. He was hurt and there was nothing I or anyone else could do to save him.

Even if his physical pain were cured he would now be scared for life mentally. I just hope that in some way, I can cure him of his mental pain. Maybe I can bring some hope and love into his life.

I stayed in the bathroom crying and praying that I could be his saviour like he was for me in second year. I want more then anything to be able to help him, and I will!

My mum finally got me out, when my dope of a brother had to use the loo.

I couldn’t stand to be around my family. They all new I had feelings for Harry. The only one who didn’t know was Harry himself.

I quickly ran up to my room, and didn’t come down until I heard Ron walk into his room, which Harry was occupying. I saw Harry standing, and dressed as he let Ron walk in, shutting the door behind him.

I quickly, but silently went down the stairs to a silent room. I moved my lips to speak but remained quite.


I was enjoying the time I was being granted in the kitchen with my dearest wife and our last-born child, Ginny. We were preparing the morning meal, when we heard screams from Hermione. We rushed out quickly. Ginny spotted what Hermione was screaming about and made her way to the bathroom. I leapt over to Hermione as the boys came in from outside. My wife tried holding them down, while breathing heavily.

Ron freaked out, and started to pace, and my wife and I tried calming everyone down. Fred and George had begun helping Hermione, as I took away Harrys body. I made sure to keep him safe and unseen as I brought him to Ron’s room. I did not want the family to witness the stained blood, bruises, and cuts on his body, if they hadn’t already, at least not the most damaging ones.

My wife settled in a chair as the boys comforted Hermione while taking care of something. I wondered what they were up to, but put it behind me as I tried taking care of the boy I had not seen all summer.

I made sure he was comforted and cleaned up a bit as I lay him down on the bed.

There was not much anyone or I could do for him. We all just had to wait it out.

I went on my way, leaving him to sleep peacefully, hopefully. I made my way to my wife, Hermione and my children. We began talking about how we were to keep our house.

My wife and I had been struggling the whole summer, but we did not want to concern the rest of our family unless it was necessary.

I gave permission for the family to visit Harry when we all realized he was awake. I demanded that only one could see him at a time. They agreed. Hermione was to be the first, but being as noble as she is she let Ronald go first. I smiled at her as she let my son go. I felt the homing situation rack through everyone’s brain, but we all remained silent. I was strong, but I could tell my wife was about to burst anytime now, and so I embraced her, hoping that she and everyone would be ok.

I blame myself for Harry’s abused state. I wish so badly that I had allowed him to stay with us this summer. I feel that my wife blames herself as well. I can tell that Hermione knows what we are feeling, and I try to feel differently, as her eyes tell me that it is not our fault.


I feel like every time there is peace in the house I call my home, it goes rigid, like we are not aloud to have a good moment.

My brain has blocked out what I was doing before the incident, and has left me with only images of pain.

Harry. The boy I feel close to, and call a son has been brutally hurt. I feel as if this is my entire fault. My husband tries to comfort me in this situation of hell, but I can’t accept it. It’s our fault. I know it is.

And so I will silently cry, and blame myself until I know that he will be all right. And this family will make it through this hard time that has been landed upon us.


I paced for what seemed like days, but was only a few hours. When I heard sounds from my bedroom, I knew it was time. It was time to face the friend I could not speak to all summer. It was time to face the one who was injured because of my selfish family and me.

I made sure that I was the first. Thankfully Hermione allowed me to go. I also wanted to be the first, truthfully to keep Hermione from seeing Harry in such a bad state. I hope that if he looks as bad as he did coming in, I could help him heal the scars quickly.

I did not want my family and Hermione to worry. Especially Hermione.

It took awhile, but Harry let me enter my own room. I walked in shutting the door behind me, and waited for him to make the first move.


As Ron entered, I eyed him for a moment. I could tell he felt guilty for some reason. I didn’t know why he would feel such an emotion at a time like this.

“It wasn’t your fault,” I said quietly, while averting my gaze.

Ron was about to say something, but left it shut. It seemed like he had so much to say to me, but couldn’t.

“Harry,” I could hear my name being chimed.


“What exactly happened to you?”

I looked at him with sadness clearly on my face. I couldn’t possibly lie to him; he was my best mate after all. I also knew that I could not keep this to myself, or I was going to go crazy.

I knew what I had to unfortunately do. I had to explain it to the whole family. My whole family. They may not be family by blood, but by heart they were all I had.


“Yes, Mate?”

“I have to tell you what happened, but I have to tell everyone.”

“It’s ok mate, you can do that, just take your time, and…”

“No! I have to tell everyone, together. I only want to tell this once. I only have strength to tell it once.”

“If you say so, mate”

“Let’s go then.” I replied sadly.

I walked slowly to the door and gasped.

“Are you sure you have to do this now? Can you not rest more?”

“No! I have to do this as soon as possible.”

“All right then”, I could hear Ron replying sadly. I couldn’t understand why he was acting in such a manner. He helped me stand properly, and helped on our way down the stairs to the living room of The Burrow.

I could hear the whole family chime my name, as I came to the last of the steps.

“Hello, everyone.” I said with a stray smile. I tried to seem happy, although I could only feel sadness and pain.

The room was silent, and I couldn’t take it. I hated when you could hear a pin drop. I made my way over with Ron securing my body in a steady position.

“I have to explain why I am here, and just what had happened.”

“You don’t have to do that Harry,” Everyone claimed. But I knew they wanted to know. I knew they felt worried, and I knew I had to tell them, or I would break. My mind has been clouded in enough pain, and when that pain was released, it made me happy. I know now that if I just let my problems out, they can be resolved, and I can move on. I hope I can move on from this situation as well. Even if I was to blame for letting it happen. Even if I was a coward, and felt dirty. I just have a flicker of hope that someone can help me.

I opened my mouth to begin my story, but was stopped as a startling noise came from the fireplace. I shuddered at how the sound sounded just like the time I fell. It sounded painful, and a loud gasp and cry could be heard.

The family and I walked over slowly, to see a woman lying painfully. She tried her hardest to breathe properly, and her eyes fluttered open.

I couldn’t keep my eyes from the situation at hand. No one could.

She got up, and brushed herself off. She stopped and flushed as all eyes were on her.

To Be Continued…

Spoiler - Draco’s mother will do anything to protect him, and comes up with the perfect solution. She just hopes that it will do more then save him. The Weasleys misfortunes are salvaged, and the new comer shall change the lives of everyone.

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