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Download - Sexy Boyz by The Kinky Boyz Featuring Kia


Warnings - This story is SLASH/YAOI (m/m pairing), so if you don't like it you should leave now. May contain coarse language, sexual content, rape and any other bad thing your mind and obviously mine came up with.

Disclaimer - Draco: bloody hell, what the hell was that Potter?
Harry: How am I supposed to know malfoy, I’ve never driven before!
Draco: Potter Stop! , Stop the damn car Potter! Potter watch out!
Harry: what was that silver hexagon thingy?
Draco: I don’t know, I HAVN’T SEEN THE BACK OF A STOP SIGN BEFORE! Jeez potter!
Harry: I guess this isn’t the best time to tell him he has oil in his hair…
Draco: Ok, this may sound stupid but isn’t the writer suppose to be giving a disclaimer here, instead of making us slash stars give an introduction…
Harry: Isn’t that the most obvious question, with the most obvious answer?
Draco: well I didn’t think so…*Draco kiss’s Harry*
Snape: Oh can you two boy’s just get on with the disclaimer…damn these young wizards with thier bloody hormones now a days!
Draco & Harry: Yes professor Snape, right away…
Draco: I wonder if the writer realizes how long this is…
Harry: I wonder if Draco or better yet the writer knows what the disclaimer is…
Snape: Fine I’ll do it you incompetent little wizards: The writer doesn’t own anything to do with Harry potter, I thought it would have been a little obvious by now!
Writer: Well that’s not entirely true …I mean, I do own this story and all the other ones I make, and I own the power to create what i want all of you characters to say! *Mua ha ha ha* evil laugh.

Authors Note - I drew and coloured an AWSOME Draco/ Harry picture, and I named it off of the song Sexy Boyz by The Kinky Boyz Featuring Kia - (Gay Disco.) After doing this picture, I decided to write a fan fiction for it, called Sexy Boyz!

Thanks - I would love to thank all old and new fans of my work!

So let the magic begin…

Artist: The Kinky Boyz f/ Kia Lyrics
Song: Sexy Boy Lyrics

Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy

Ou sont tes heros aux corps d'athletes
Ou sont tes idoles mal rasees, bien habillees

Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy

Dans leurs yeux des dollars
Dans leurs sourires des diamants
Moi aussi un jour je serai beau comme un dieu

Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy

Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy

Ou sont tes heros aux corps d'athletes
Ou sont tes idoles mal rasees, bien habillees

Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy
Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy

Song Fic - Sexy Boyz

Harry walks in the room and sees Draco propped on pillows, reading a book. “What are you reading?” he asks softly as he signals his lover to scoot over. He climbs on the bed behind him, long legs on either side. He wraps his arms around the slim waist, pulling them closer together with Draco’s back to his chest. He leans against the pillows on the headboard and waits for an answer.

“It’s a potions book. Not that you would know anything about that. Severus finally wrote one and I have the first edition,” Draco says, smugly, marking the page with one elegant finger as he closes the book to stroke the cover reverently. He lifts it up a little to show his lover.

“Mmm. Interesting,” Harry, says, unconcerned as to what the cover says. He proceeds to nuzzle him behind the ear, tongue flicking, and teeth nibbling at the tender flesh. A small moan escapes Draco’s lips as his head falls to the side, giving his partner more flesh to attend to. Harry breathes in deep, inhaling the scent of his lover, and moaning softly as the smell invades his senses, making his cock twitch. Draco always smells so good.

Harry’s hands begin to move, tracing circles around Draco’s stomach. One hand moves inside his shirt and tweaks a nipple to hardness. The other snakes down inside Draco’s boxers and cups his slowly growing erection. He grinds his hips feeling the curve of Draco’s arse against his groin, making his partner wriggle toward him.

He hums as his tongue works it’s way down to the crook of Draco’s neck. His mouth clamps over it and he sucks hard, bringing blood to the surface. His lover’s back arches as Harry’s hands and mouth continue to undo him. Harry’s tongue licks at the now pink spot, as his hands continue their ministrations.

Draco starts to writhe, moaning in pleasure as his free hand comes up to tangle in Harry’s already messy hair. He feels the hardness against his arse, and the hand slowly stroking him. His body jerks forward and then backward to grind against the delicious pressure coming from both sides. He moans again, louder this time, as Harry works his way back up to nibble at his earlobe. Draco fists his hands in his partner’s hair as he tilts his head back, pulling on Harry, so their lips meet in a kiss. Their tongues entwine, dancing around, sucking, tasting, and giving each other over to the sensations swallowing them whole.

Harry growls into Draco’s mouth, the vibrations making them both shiver. Lips move more frantically now and their hands are all over each other as Harry continues to stroke Draco’s cock. His lover lets go of the book, and it falls with a thud on the floor. His hands cup the raven-haired man’s face as the kiss reaches a fevered pitch.

Reaching for the hem of his shirt, Draco slides it over his body breaking the kiss. He reveals flawless, pale skin and feels Harry’s cotton undershirt warm against his back.

As he feels the warmth of Draco’s body against his chest and sees the expanse of his lover’s nakedness, Harry groans and lets his hands explore the newly exposed skin. He kisses behind Draco’s ear, the nape of his neck, and shoulders. Then back to his now swollen lips.

He then pulls down the other’s boxers, sliding them over his thighs, Draco helping him by taking them all the way off. Their kiss never breaks as he awkwardly slides his own boxers down then off, throwing them onto the floor.

“I want to be inside you. I want to fuck you, just like this,” he says in a hoarse voice as his hips jerk up. Draco gives a moan of approval as his arse presses down on Harry’s burgeoning erection. Harry reaches over to the nightstand, taking a vial and a condom. He hands the package to Draco, who takes it and opens it hastily. He moves forward, and shifts to straddle the green-eyed boy’s thighs. He leans back slightly, legs spread apart, kneeling over him as he hands Harry the rubber ring. Hastily, he slips it on his cock, then takes the vial and opens it, pouring the contents onto his palm. He coats his condom-covered erection liberally with the slick liquid.

Harry lifts his lover by the hips and places him on his lap as Draco places his hands behind him and on Harry’s hips for leverage. He slowly lifts himself up, feeling the tip of his lover’s cock over his hole. Harry clutches at his erection, guiding his lover down slowly. He feels the tight ring of muscle give as his cock impales the perfect body above him. A loud gasp and moan comes from both of them as they feel there coupling.

Warm and tight, Harry grabs the blonde’s hips, thrusting upward as he pulls him down. Overwhelming pleasure-pain invades Draco as he feels his arse settle on to his lover’s lap. They pause momentarily, relishing in the sensations. Then Draco lifts himself on his knees, groaning as he feels Harry's length pulling out. Fingers tightening on his hips, he feels his lover pull him back down. Then he feels Harry's hand taking his leaking erection and pulling on it. Harry strokes his length as his hips buck forward uncontrollably. They settle into a rhythm. In and out, long, deep, and hard as one is thrusting up, while the other is pushing down. Their movements and breathing accelerate, moaning as they drown in each other's pleasure.

"Harry!" is all Draco says, as ecstasy fills him. His cock shoots streams of milky white onto his chest, and his stomach. His arse clenches around his lover as his come drips all over Harry's fingers, which are still enclosing his length. Harry arches his back off of the pillows as waves of pleasure roll over him. He lets out a loud groan, thrusting upward one last time as he comes inside his lover's tight warmth.

Harry feels his heart beating rapidly in time to Draco's own; their breathing still laboured, their sweat-slick bodies cooling. Draco falls back on Harry's chest and rests his head in the crook of his lover's neck. They nuzzle each other as their lips meet in a lazy kiss.

“So, what was the title of that book?” Harry asked, while breathing in the sweet smell of his lover.


“Yes love?”

“I love you!”

“I love you too!”

“And Harry…”


“The book is not important!”

Harry laughed silently at his lovers’ last words before sleep empowered them both that evening, leaving them both naked, in each other’s arms, and loved.

Authors Note - Ok, so that was my re-write for Sexy Boyz, seeming as how my last story was not as original as I thought it was! Grrr, Oh well, I made something new lol! It’s my first smutty fic, and my first song fic…well sort of; you are supposed to listen to the song while reading this fic! The song is on my site! So please review me good, or bad!

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