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Two Hearts; One Love

Chapters 1-6 + pro & epo

Pairings - (Harry Potter/ Draco Malfoy) Dakota (Other) (2+1)

Rating - Pg 13+

Summary - 7th yr. Living at The Burrow. Harry was out trying to complete a mission when he hears a strange noise. It sounds as if some men are causing some trouble. He saves a troubled victim, only to be mesmerized with beauty, and love.

Warnings - This story is… SLASH/YAOI (m/m pairing,) so if you don't like it… you should leave now! May contain coarse language, sexual content, rape, and any other bad thing your mind and obviously mine can come up with.

Disclaimer - Harry: Ok, the writer of this story does not own anything affiliated with Harry Potter…except this story and this disclaimer too! So what are you going to do? Sue me? Yes, sue a tiny little slash character if it will make you feel any better!
Draco: Oh, original disclaimer, Potter!
Harry: No, not really, I need a new writer!
(Brought to you by Geco and Geico commercials)-and the writer! Hey, how come I’m not mentioned in the brackets?

Authors Note - I would LOVE to thank Akuma2x1 from ff.net for allowing me to take this Gundom Wing fic, and turning it into a complete Harry Potter fan fiction! Thank you so much! You rock! Note: This has been changed quite a bit! Please read/review good or bad! I love you all!

Beta - The all knowing, all beautiful, hott, sexy, wonderful, pink magic marker. ;-)

P.S. - Does anyone find it just a tad bit odd that my Beta makes her own Beta notes? Believe me…I’m not the ones giving the comments, she does it all on her own LMAO! (Well…Most of the time!)

So let the magic begin…

Two Hearts; One Love


It was 2:12 AM in the beginning of February. Tired, freezing, and just finishing his mission, Harry Potter walked to the edge of Diagon Alley. He cursed having to walk instead of flying his broom. The mission was to infiltrate Obscurus Books, and steal rare restricted books, to gain access on spells, and how to defeat Voldemort; therefore he didn't need to use his wand, or broom. He was passing by another alleyway when he heard several people shouting and laughing. Harry turned toward the alley and saw some men pushing someone up against the wall. It was dark and the moon was hiding behind some clouds so he wasn't sure if the person was male or female.

But when Harry could make out the men's words, he knew instantly that the person was a girl. Judging from the dirty words they shouted, those laughing men surely didn't have any good intentions for the girl. Yet another heroic action required, Harry sighed. He walked into the alleyway. Approaching the men, he walked up and tapped one of them on the back. “Excuse me, Sir.”

The man turned and glared at him. “What do you want, brat?” Harry could smell the Butter Beer and knew the man was drunk. “If you want a chance to fuck this girl, get in line.” The Raven-haired boy had had enough, he was tired and he didn't need to listen to any drunken person. One blow to the head and the man was out cold.

Some of the men noticed their friend had been knocked out and leapt to attack Harry. The drunken men of course were in no comparison against the-boy-who-lived. The others were still leering at the girl, making it easier for the Gryffindor to knock them all out.

After all the men had been dealt with, Harry turned his attention to the victim and held his breath as the moonlight revealed the face of the girl. If there were a word to describe this girl, Harry would choose, “perfect.” Her skin was a pale cream and her lips were a soft pink, tempting to be kissed. Harry was sure that she had Pureblood, judging from the fine skin and hair she had. But the most attractive part of her… was her eyes. They were gray-blue and seemed to beckon Harry to drown in them.

He approached the girl and was surprised when he saw her eyes held no fear in them. Wasn't this girl afraid of the guys? The Gryffindor ran his eyes over the girl's body. She was wearing a plain-tight black shirt with white collars and a matching black skirt, with a black belt that contained small-metal spikes on it. Harry noticed a tare in her shirt, revealing a delicate shoulder. He growled as he saw the shoulder was bruised slightly. “Are you okay, girl?”

The girl nodded. Harry removed his sweater to cover the girl's bruised shoulder. He smiled as the girl let him put the sweater on her. “Let's go, it's not safe to stay here long.” He offered his hand to the girl. The girl stared at the hand for some time before she put her hand on his.

Harry smiled and led the girl out of the alley. He brought her to a bench next to a street lamp. As the girl sat down, He sat next to her and studied her face again. The girl was beautiful and she had short raven-black hair just like his. The only difference between hers and his was the length, how it parted, and how it was styled at the sides with a purposely-combed down front. The back of her hair was messy but it suited her. He could spend all day just watching her. Her lips, her cheeks, her nose, and mostly her eyes, they intoxicated him. He couldn't help himself and touched the girl's cheek. The cheek was so soft. The girl looked at Harry, surprised and raised her hand to remove his.

Harry moved faster and caught the girl's hand with his free one. “It's okay. I am not going to hurt you.” He let his fingers caress the girl's cheek tenderly. Stunned, the girl paused, and then lowered her hand. Harry smiled again but didn't let go of her hand, keeping it in his grip. “Did they hurt you anywhere else besides the shoulder?”

The girl shook her head slightly and Harry, who was still caressing the girl's cheek, felt his breath stolen away as his fingers brushed the girl's lips. He let his forefinger stay on those delicate lips and caressed them. The girl opened her mouth slightly, again surprised by Harrys action. “They didn't manage to kiss you, did they?” Harry looked at the girl. Funny, he just met her, but he already felt very possessive of her.

Again, the girl shook her head, this time very slightly as she was well aware of Harry’s finger tips on her lips. “Good then.” Harry smiled. “My name is Harry Potter, what's yours?”

“Dakota,” The girl finally spoke, sending small vibrations through Harry’s fingers that were still on her lips. The girl's voice was clear and a little low, but it was crystal clear in the middle of the night. She was English, Harry stored the information away.

“Dakota, what a beautiful name.” Harry raised the hand he held and kissed it.

“Umm…” The girl squirmed and tried to pull her hand away, but Harry held on to it. “Look, I am very thankful for your help, but I have to go now.”

“Do you attend Hogwarts?” Harry felt disappointed at himself for asking so bluntly.

Dakota nodded.

“Do you need help getting home?” Harry asked, sweetly. He knew it was better for the girl to go home, it was past midnight after all and it was not safe for a girl to wonder alone on the streets around this time.

“No, it's okay. I can go home alone.” The girl stood up as Harry reluctantly let go of her hand and drew his other hand from the girl's face.

“I don't think so. It is really dangerous for a girl to walk alone at this hour.”

The girl shook her head and said stubbornly. “No, I can take care of myself. Goodbye.”

Harry quickly held Dakota’s hand as she turned to go. “Dakota, I…”

“Let me go.” Harry looked at the girl's eyes and saw nervousness there. It looked like he had pushed the girl too far. After all he was a stranger and his past behaviour to the girl didn't help either.

“If you say so...” Harry released Dakota’s hand reluctantly.

“Thank you and here...” She removed Harrys sweater but Harry quickly stopped her.

“You can keep it.” Harry smiled.


“Don't worry, you can give it back to me later.”

“Umm....” The girl seemed hesitant.

Harry grinned since it'll give him a chance to see the girl again. “How about we meet tomorrow at 1:00 PM, here?”

The girl thought for a minute and then nodded an, “Okay.”

“Great, see yah tomorrow, then.” Harry beamed happily.

“See yah.” The girl then turned and left Harry.

Harry walked happily to the station to be taken home to The Burrow. He was going to meet the girl again tomorrow. He arrived at The Burrow about 03.00 AM and trotted up to his room that he shared with Draco, the Slytherin who had been living with the Weasleys that summer. He was surprised to see the room was empty. Usually he would find his comrade sitting on his bed, writing on parchment. Harry assumed Draco was on a mission such as himself, or must have been out to get some air. He did that a lot, and who could blame him after how much pain his family caused him. How could his own family expect him to join Voldemort, and become his “Bitch?” He must be out sorting through his problems, because no matter how late Harry got back, Draco was always up, writing on his parchment, as if waiting for Harry to return.

The Golden-boy plopped down on his bed. He fell asleep, dreaming about the girl he just saved. He didn't wake up when the door was opened half an hour later. If he woke up, he might have seen his Slytherin companion staring at him. Slowly the Slytherin boy's hand came up and caressed his own cheek as if relishing something there.

To Be Continued....
Authors Note - Wow, I am so surprised at how many people are not getting the drift of what is going on here…but that’s ok, now it’s more of a surprise to them! ^_^ I hope you like this first chapter as much as I do! Please R/R!

Beta - Hayley…gosh I love her so much.

So let the magic begin…

Chapter One - Be My Escape

Harry stirred at the persistent noise. He opened his eyes blearily and looked at the other bed across the room. “Draco, you are back. How was the fresh air?”

“Hm” The writing from the quill to parchments sound never stopped.

“I take it you were on a mission then. Was it a success?” Harry sat up lazily and looked at his companion. Draco was wearing his usual white-muscle shirt and gray track pants. Harry frowned as he noticed a bruise on Dracos shoulder. “Draco, you're injured.”

“Negligible damage.”

Harry sighed and bent down to retrieve the first aid kit in his trunk. He was used to Draco’s behaviour and often took the liberty to dress the boy's wounds. He went to Draco’s bed and sat next to the Slytherin boy. “Stop writing for a minute and let me tend to the bruise.”

Draco stopped typing, letting Harry tend his shoulder. Harry often wondered why the Slytherin didn't try to dress his small wounds or injuries by himself. If he didn't know better, he would have sworn Draco did it on purpose, like he actually wanted Harry, himself, to be tending his wounds. As time went by, he learned it was moments like this that Draco would listen to him and stop his writing to let Harry tend his injuries.

“Okay, done.” Harry said as he put the salve on the bruise. “May I know what had caused this?”

“Mm…got into a fight.” Draco continued his writing.

Harry made a face. “I shouldn't have asked you that question.” He ran his eyes over the parchment and read what Draco was writing. He always wrote about what happened throughout his days.

Needed a disguise to enter and leave my destination,
but there was no trouble in keeping the disguise.
Mission accomplished with minor damage.
At the end, the death eaters were
killed, but the other order member came to
his aid in tying up the loose ends.

“So, the Prince of Slytherin needed help?” Harry grinned then was surprised as his eyes fell upon the clock on the wall across from him. 12:10 PM. He had promised the girl to meet at 01:00 PM. “God damn it, I’ll be late!” Harry leaped out and dashed to the bathroom. He didn't notice his fellow mate eyeing him carefully. After some moments staring at the closed bathroom door, Draco turned off his bed, enclosing his parchment, and walked out, carrying a bag with him.

Breaking his own record for taking a shower, Harry walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and looked at the alarm clock. 12.21 PM. Damn, a trip by foot to the alley would take an hour and a half. He would be late if he walked there. “Draco, could you lend me your Nimbus...” Harry stopped his words as he realized Draco was not in the room. Where was he when Harry needed him? Harry cursed and quickly dressed. He went down and found Ron, Hermione, and Ginny sitting in the living room.

“Good afternoon, Harry.” Hermione smiled.

“Good afternoon, Hermione. Do you know where Draco is?” Harry looked around for his Slytherin companion.

“I saw Draco leaving with his Nimbus 2001, some minutes ago. He said he had a mission.” Ginny spoke up.

Since they just settled in to the Burrow, Dracos Nimbus 2001 broom was the only quick transportation they had at the moment. “Damn, I will be late! I hope she will wait for me!” Harry quickly left, leaving his three friends looking puzzled at one another.

“She?” Ron quirked an eyebrow

“Remind me to ask him about that when he gets back.” Ginny grinned.

“I will!” Ron snorted. He got a feeling that he would enjoy the story.

As Harry approached Diagon Alley, he looked at his watch. 01:45 PM. Shit, the girl must be gone by now. Despite his thoughts, Harry quickened his pace and ran to the rendezvous point. To his surprise, he could see the girl was still waiting for him, sitting on the bench.

Harry stopped in front of the girl, panting and sweating. He bent down and rested his hands on his knees, trying to steady his breath. “Sorry, I am late.”

“It's okay.” A hand with a handkerchief reached up and wiped away the sweat on Harry’s face. Harry was surprised and lifted his head to see the girl. At daylight, Harry found the girl's beauty was even more intoxicating. The girl was wearing a white blouse and a green skirt. She didn't wear any accessories except a pair of black rubber bracelets.

The girl finished wiping away his sweat and stood up. She handed the black sweater that was resting on her lap to Harry. “This is your sweater, thank you for lending it to me.”

Harry smiled but didn't make a move to take the sweater from the girl. “You are welcome. Don't you feel cold just wearing one shirt in this temperature?” Although the seasons changed and it was the afternoon, the temperature was still a little cold. Harry himself, was wearing two shirts.

Dakota frowned, “A little.”

“Well, wear the sweater then. I will take it when I go back later.” Harry beamed happily and took the sweater to put it on Dakota.

“Don't you want to go home, now?” Dakota quirked one of her eyebrows.

“Since I haven't eaten today, I want to eat first. Have you had your lunch?”

Dakota shook her head.

“Well, let's have lunch together then.” Without waiting for her answer, Harry took her hand and pulled her to the nearest pub. He smiled in satisfaction as Dakota followed him reluctantly and he didn't let go of her hand until they had to sit to order their food.

“So, what is your last name, Dakota?" Harry began the conversation while they were waiting for their food. They were sitting at a small table, designed for two people. Harry sat at one end while Dakota sat across from him.

“Huh?” The girl looked at him.

“Dakota is your first name, isn't it? What is your last name?”

The girl shook her head. “I don't have a last name; it's just Dakota.”

Harry frowned. He thought everyone had a last name. “Didn't your parents give one of their last names to you?”

“I don't have any parents.” Dakota shrugged.

Harry frowned deeper. Usually people would say, “My parents are gone,” or “They are dead,” but this girl phrased it differently, and she didn't explain any further than that, indicating her reluctance to talk about it.

“How about you?” Harry was surprised when the girl inquired back.

“Excuse me?”

“Your parents?”

“Ah, I never knew my parents. As long as I remembered, I have always been an orphan,” Harry smiled.

“I am sorry.”

“It's okay. I don't feel anything for them.”

“Who raised you, then?”

“Well, I had been with my aunt and uncle, before being taken in by the Weasley family. The Dursley family, my relatives had been the worst sort of muggles you could meet. The Weasleys however, are very kind people."

“The Weasleys?”

“Yeah, they are my best mate’s parents. They took me in when I needed them the most. They have also taken in an old enemy. He’s actually quite the character; I couldn’t imagine life without him now.” Harry was surprised with himself for talking about his past; a past he never told anyone about before. Dakota seemed to have an influence over him, making him feel at ease to speak openly. He decided to change the subject. “How is your shoulder?”


“The bruised one, does it still hurt?”

Dakota looked at her injured shoulder. “I am fine.”

Harry wanted to ask another question but their food had arrived. Since his stomach had been protesting, he decided to set the question aside and enjoy his lunch. While finishing his meal, he watched Dakota eat. She ate fast and efficiently, reminding him of Draco.

“You know, you look like him.”

Dakota stopped eating and looked at him. “Him?”

“A Slytherin boy I know, he eats just like you. Does every Slytherin eat like that?”

Dakota shrugged. “I don't know. Who is this Slytherin boy? Is he your friend?”

“Well, sort of,” of course he could not tell Dakota that they were members of the order.

“Sort of? Do you hate him?”

“Umm...no....but sometimes he can really irritate me.”

“How come?”

“He often dismisses me, he doesn't like to talk a lot, and he never smiles. Hey, come to think of it, you don't talk a lot and I've never seen you smile either. I wonder if it has to do with your Slytherin heritage that causes the similarities between you two.” Harry pointed his fork at the girl.

“I don't have something to smile about.” Dakota shrugged. “Let's eat, our food is getting cold.”

Harry pouted but resumed eating anyway. Dakota was very similar to Draco. She was so much like him that Harry thought she was the female version of Draco. Well, except that Draco was not as beautiful as her. Even when she didn't smile, she looked stunning. Harry wondered what she looked like when she smiled. Maybe he should do something to get her smile, he thought.

They soon finished eating and walked out the door. Still not wanting to part with the beauty beside him, Harry took her hand. Dakota looked at him in confusion. “I am so full. Let's take a walk for while, eh?” Harry felt Dakota stare at him and he smiled. “Just a walk, it will not hurt.”

Dakota stared at him for some seconds before nodding. “Okay, let's walk.”

Harry smiled happily and led the way. He didn't let go of the girl's hand and held it tighter instead. The girl didn't seem to mind, which made him more confident. They talked as they walked, discussing some common things. He found out Dakota was very knowledgeable and smart. He could talk with her for hours without feeling bored or forced. She's very different compared to the other girls he had met. She was more mature and wiser.

The other girls liked to talk about themselves, how they looked, how nice their dresses were, but Harry didn't hear Dakota spout out a single vain word about herself. Usually by now, he would feel bored and be forced to smile or talk to the girls accompanying him, but not with Dakota; he could talk freely about almost anything. And also, the girls around him liked to praise and dote on him, but again, this girl talked differently or showed none of those things. She spoke matter-of-factly and Harry felt himself fall for her deeper and deeper as they talked.

They came upon a park where many children were playing with the obstacles and equipments of the playground. Harry led the girl to a bench. “Wait here, I will buy some hot cocoa for us.”

“I am not thirsty.”

“I know.” Harry held up Dakotas’s hand. He had felt the girl trembling slightly for some minutes as the weather became colder. “But you are cold. You need something to warm your body. Wait here, okay?” He kissed Dakotas’s hand and walked away before hearing her answer.

Harry found a small counter at the corner of the park and bought two cups of hot chocolate. He returned and stopped a couple of meters when he saw what the girl was doing. Instead of sitting on the bench, she was squatting in front of a five-year-old boy. The boy was crying loudly. Harry noticed she was holding a ball. She patted the little boy and lifted the ball in front of him. The boy stopped crying at once and snatched the ball. Without a word he ran back to where his friends were still playing.

The Gryffindor felt a paroxysm of pain as he watched the girl look at the retreating boy longingly. He had known it was often on his own face. It was a look of envy and loneliness. Silently he approached Dakota, but she noticed his presence and stood up. “Hi.”

“Hi, this is your chocolate.” Harry smiled and handed one cup to Dakota.

“Thank you.” Dakota took it and sipped it slowly.

Harry sipped his chocolate too. “Feeling any warmer?”

Dakota nodded and sipped her chocolate again while glancing towards the kids.

Harry followed her gaze and smiled. “They reminded you of your childhood?”

The girl shook her head. “No. I just thought they are lucky.”


“They are still untouched by war. They could still play, laugh, and cry like children are supposed to...” The girl trailed off as she kept watching the children.

“We were like that too when we were their age,” Harry watched the children as well.

Dakota was silent.

Harry frowned when Dakota didn't reply. He looked at her as she kept her gaze on the children. “You never played like them when you were a child?”

Dakota shook her head.

“Why? Did your friends never ask you to join them?”

“I don't have any friends.”

Harry frowned deeper. Her childhood might have been destroyed by the war, leaving her to defend and survive the cruel war by herself. No wonder she was so mature despite her young age.

“Don't you have any friends right now?”

“Well, there are some I consider as friends...”

Harry sensed a, “but” at the end of Dakotas sentence. “Why don't you ask them to play with you?”

“First, I am too old to play like this. Second, I don't know if all of them consider me as their friend.”

Harry frowned again. How could anyone not want to befriend this beautiful girl? “I think they are stupid for not considering you as their friend.”

“There are many reasons for them not to consider me as a friend, Harry. I am also to be blamed because I don't treat them well.”

“What did you do to them?” Harry wondered what Dakota could possibly do to make them angry with her.

Dakota only shook her head. “I don't want to talk about it. It was my mistake, not theirs.”

Harry was disappointed, but he didn't push Dakota. “Okay then, but Dakota...?”

Dakota looked at him. “Yeah?”

Harry grinned. “You are never too old to play.” The Gryffindor took her hand and dragged her to a swing, which was abandoned by the children because it was situated a little too far from the other playground equipment. The swing set had only one chair and was based on a pool of sand.

“Harry. Stop.”

“C'mon, it's just a swing. Have you ever tried it?”

“No, but it's for children.”

“You are a child, Dakota. C'mon! Sit here and let me handle it.” Harry pushed her to sit on the swing.

Reluctantly, the girl sat and Harry asked her to put her hand on either sides of the swing. “Ready?”


Harry chuckled. “Don't be so nervous. This is just a swing.” He gave a little pressure to the swing, causing it to rock back and forth a little. Noticing Dakota beginning to relax, he slowly added more pressure to the swing. “See, it's safe. Do you like it?”

The girl nodded. “Feels like flying.”

Harry chuckled louder. “How do you know what flying feels like? Humans can't fly, well except when you are an angel.”

“I am not an angel, but I have flown a lot. Remember Harry; I’m a witch, not a muggle. We have brooms.”

“Oh yeah? Try this.” Harry pushed the swing harder, till the chair reached 45 degrees. Dakota squawked, surprised, as she flew higher. He laughed and kept pushing for some minutes, then he pushed one last time, as hard as he could. As Dakota squawked again at how high she was swung, he quickly positioned himself behind the swing and spread his arms apart as the girl swung back to him. “Welcome back to daddy.”

The Gryffindor hugged the girl from the back and pulled her from the swing when she reached the maximum height. He spun Dakota a little and then stopped, steadying her on the ground but not letting go of the embrace.

“Not funny.” Dakota grunted.

“Uh huh, but it's exciting, eh?” Harry was really happy to be able to hug the girl and he nuzzled her neck. He felt the Dakota nod. “Like it?” Dakota nodded again. “Let's try the other playthings then.” Harry pulled Dakota with him. They tried almost all the toys that were there and sometimes the other children joined them, like on the seesaw, on the slide, and in a game of croquet.

Harry watched Dakota the whole time. She didn't laugh but she smiled sometimes and it was enough to make Harry fly for she looked like an angel when she smiled. But as snow began to fall, they were forced to stop the game. The children had been fetched by their parents, leaving Harry and Dakota alone at the park.

“I have to go home now.” Harry bit his lips. He didn't want to go but he had to or the snow would be too thick to walk through. He needed an hour and a half to reach The Burrow, and it would be hard with the snow falling like this.

Dakota looked at Harry. “Thank you very much. I have never been this happy before.”

Harry smiled. He felt the same as Dakota; it had been a long time since he felt this happy. “You are welcome.”

“Here, your sweater.” Dakota raised her hand to remove the sweater, but Harry quickly held her hand to stop herself.

“It would be impolite for me to take the sweater and let you tremble in the cold.”

“I will be okay.”

“I don't think so. Keep it for now, I will get it back tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Dakota looked at Harry questioningly.

Harry smiled; this was his chance to meet Dakota again. “Yeah, tomorrow at the same time, and the same place. Can you come?”

“I guess so.”

“Good, do you want me to walk you home?”

Dakota shook her head. “No need, I can make it.”

“Okay, see yah tomorrow then.” Acting on impulse, Harry leant forward and kissed Dakotas’s cheek, then quickly walked away, bouncing happily.

Dakota watched as Harry walked away until he was out of her sight and she slowly raised her hand, touching the cheek Harry just kissed. “See yah, Harry....”

To Be Continued...
Authors Note - *Coughs* Okay, as usual.... feedback please?

Beta – I can’t thank her enough for the troubles she’s gone through to edit my chapters! Everyone should shower her with presents and hugs and chocolate! I LOVE HER!!!

So let the magic begin…

Chapter Two - Id Do Anything

“I’m home!” Though he was trembling, Harry shouted happily and shoved off the snow on his shoulders.

“Welcome home.”

“Hey Hermione, it's really cold out there.” Harry felt something was missing from the perfect scene before him. Hermione was sitting lazily on the sofa near the fireplace with Ron next to her. Their backs were facing him. Ginny occupied another sofa across from Hermione and Ron’s and was looking at him from the book she was reading. One person was missing.

“Where's Draco? Is he back from his mission yet?” Harry ran his eyes, searching for his Slytherin companion. At night all of them usually sat in the living room, sharing stories about their missions and what had happened through out the day.

“I'm here.” Came a reply.

“Huh?” Harry searched the room but couldn’t find the owner of the voice. Then he saw Hermione point at the place in front of him. Harry walked forward and saw that the Slytherin was huddling in front of the fireplace, covered in a blanket. “What are you doing there?”

“I'm cold.”

Harry made a face. It was no fun talking with Draco. Luckily Ginny helped elaborate. “Well, considering you were riding a broom, on a snowy day like this, wearing nothing but a thin shirt and jean shorts, it's not surprising for you to be cold, Draco.” Ginny snorted.

So Draco just got back too, Harry mused. “Well, you know Draco is a superman, Ginny.” The Gryffindor grinned and plopped down next to the boy, trying to warm himself with the heat from fireplace. “So what's new today, guys?”

“Well, we have nothing new to report since we stayed in the house all day, but I think you have something new to tell us, eh Harry?” Hermione smiled innocently.

Harry blinked. “Huh? Me? The only news I have is that I finished my mission yesterday.”

“Yesterday? So what were you doing this afternoon, Potter.” Ginny smirked.

“What do you mean, Ginny?” Harry felt uncomfortable and inched closer to Draco.

“Who is she, Harry?” Hermione spoke up

“She?” Harry gulped and cursed himself for being careless this morning.

“We know you met a girl this afternoon.” Hermione grinned.

Harry bit his lower lip. “Umm.... I’m cold...let me get my sweater, okay?” The Gryffindor started to stand only to be stopped by Ron.

“No, you are not going anywhere, Harry.”

“Huh? What do you mean, Ron?”

“Ron is right. The room is warm enough. If we let you go to your room, you will pretend to sleep and won't come back down here.” Ginny smirked. “C'mon, spill it, Potter.”

“Yeah Harry, and besides you can ask Draco to share his blanket to warm you.” Hermione smiled.

Harry pouted but plopped back on the rugged floor. He was not lying when he said he was cold but he knew his friends would not let him go. Surrendering to his fate, he sighed and tugged Dracos blanket. “Share, Draco?”

“Hn.” Draco released one side of the blanket and welcomed Harry beside him. Harry quickly took the blanket and enveloped his cold body; his left shoulder was pressed against Draco’s right one as he moved closer to the Slytherin. Inside, Harry was thankful that Draco didn't join the others in interrogating him, but he also felt slightly disappointed for God knows why.

As he felt the warmth Draco was willing to share with him, Harry looked at his grinning friends. “Okay, what do you want to know?”

“The name?” Hermione smiled.


“Dakota,” Ginny raised one eyebrow. “Is she English?”

“Yeah, that reminds me. Draco, what does Dakota mean?"

“You can look it up in a dictionary.” Draco stated flatly.

Harry made a face. “You're faster and more efficient than any dictionary. C'mon, tell me Draco or I will not let you sleep tonight.”



“Dakota means friend.”

Harry found that the name really suited the girl. She looked friendly and Harry was willing to bet that Dakota chose her own name.

“What does she look like, Potter?” Harry felt Draco tense as Ginny asked the question and wondered what bothered the Slytherin.

“Well, she has shoulder length raven-black hair, like mine, as well as pink tinted lips, and her eyes, most of all her eyes, they're gray-blue, and very beautiful.” Harry smiled, picturing Dakota in his mind.

“Whoa, look at you, Harry. You really fell for her, eh?” Hermione spoke.

“Of course Hermione, she's not like the other girls. She's smart, mature, sweet, modest, and beautiful.” Harry smiled proudly.

“In other words, Potter, she's perfect?” Ginny’s question made the Slytherin tense again, but Harry was too happy to notice it.

“You can say that, Ginny. For me, she is perfect.” Harry beamed happily. He couldn't wait to see Dakota again. Hermione and Ginny continued to ask him questions until they called it a night.

Harry smiled as he flew to the city. This morning, he had managed to borrow the broom from Draco. But the Slytherin seemed reluctant to lend the broom to him. Strange. Draco never had any problems with him borrowing it before. Harry almost thought Draco was angry with him because after that, Draco went out, carrying a bag. But Harry dismissed the thought. Draco might have had a mission to be accomplished.

As he approached the promised place, Harry saw the girl sitting on the bench. He looked at his watch. 12:45 PM. Harry thought he was early but the girl was definitely earlier than him.

He stopped the broom in front of Dakota and took off his goggles. “Dakota.”

Dakota looked up, she was wearing a pastel blue shirt this time. “Hi, you're early.”

“Well, so are you.” Harry grinned and tossed another set of goggles to the girl. “Let's go.”

“I thought you wanted to pick up your sweater?” Dakota gestured to the sweater she held.

“Later, there's something I want to show you.” Harry smiled as Dakota hesitated. “I won't bite. I promise, you'll like it.”

“Very well.” Dakota put on the goggles and sat down behind Harry. Today she was wearing blue low-cut jeans so it was easy for her to mount the broom.

Harry grinned as Dakota put her arms around his waist. “Hold on tight.” He took off, the broom going at a high speed, causing Dakota to grip Harry’s waist tightly. He smiled as he felt Dakota press her head on his back. Too bad she didn't lean the rest of her body on his back too.

After riding for fifteen minutes, they came upon a lake. Harry stopped his broom at the edge of the lake and took off his goggles. Dakota followed suit and got off of the broom. She looked at the lake. It was oval and quite wide. The water was crystal blue, reflecting the sunlight. The area around the lake was surrounded by trees so if people didn't look carefully, they would miss the lake.

“You like it?”

Dakota nodded and kept her gaze on the lake. “It's beautiful.”

Harry looked at Dakota. “You're more beautiful though.”

Dakota looked at Harry, surprised. She turned to the lake and approached the edge. “I'm not beautiful.” Her cheeks were slightly red, indicating she was blushing. Harry longed to run his hand on those cheeks.

“Yes, you are. Hasn’t anyone ever said that to you?” Harry approached Dakota.

Dakota sat down on the grass near the lake and hugged her legs, staring at the lake. “No, you're the first one.”

“Then trust me, you are really beautiful. I never lie.” Harry wanted to hug Dakota but he sat next to her instead.

“...Thank you.” Dakota put her hands on the grass and rested her weight on them, looking more relaxed.

“No need. I only state the truth.” Harry smiled and followed Dakota in staring at the lake. They sat in silence for some minutes, a comfortable silence. He enjoyed Dakota’s presence next to him and slowly his hand moved closer to hers.

He could feel Dakota tense when he touched her hand, but she didn't pull away when Harry covered her hand with his, he released his breath, which he held unconsciously. They continued sitting in silence, staring at the lake as he caressed her hand. He savoured the feeling of her skin against his.

He was still not satisfied for he wanted to feel more of the girl. It was time to make a drastic move. Harry inched closer and squeezed Dakotas’s hand. “Dakota.” He said the name tenderly.

She turned her head to him and looked squarely at his eyes. He looked back and locked gazes with her. Slowly, very slowly he leaned forward. She didn't move. She seemed to be charmed by Harry’s emerald-green eyes. As his face was an inch from hers, Harry closed his eyes, right after he saw her close hers. When his lips finally touched Dakotas’s lips, he felt electricity run down his spine. He couldn't think of any words that could adequately describe how he felt right now.

He had kissed other girls before, but never... he had never felt like this, he had never felt anything worth mentioning. But with Dakota, this feeling he got from kissing her was fabulous. Her lips felt so soft under his, making him want to feel more of them.

He pressed his lips against her lips as his hand sneaked to the girl's waist to pull her closer to him. Honey, she tasted like honey, a honey flavoured drug he wanted more and more of, he was addicted to the taste, to her.

He ran his tongue on Dakota lower lip and felt her mouth open, welcoming him home. Gratefully, he pushed his tongue into her mouth, running it around the moist cavern and tasting her more and more.

She's really different from the other girls he had kissed. She let Harry explore her mouth as if it belonged to him and responded shyly with her tongue as he teased it with his. Harry had never felt anything as intensely as this. Dakota kissed him back, but it wasn't in a demanding way, rather in a giving one.

But suddenly, she broke the kiss and pushed Harry away. He blinked and looked at Dakota in confusion and hurt. “Dakota?”

“I'm sorry Harry...” Dakota bowed her head so Harry couldn't see her face.

“Why are you sorry?” Harry was really confused.

His hand was still around Dakotas’s waist and he could feel her tremble when she spoke, “I think we shouldn't meet again.”

Harry froze and unconsciously tightened his grip on the girl, not wanting to let her go. “Why?”

The girl just shook her head.

“Look at me, Dakota.” Harry spoke softly, but the girl refused to look at him. So he lifted her chin with his free hand, looking straight into her gray-blue eyes.

“Do you hate me?”

The girl shook her head.

“Are you angry because I kissed you?”

Again, she shook her head.

“Do you like being with me?”

The girl nodded.

“Did you like my kiss?”

There was a pause, but then the girl nodded while blushing slightly. Harry ran his hand and caressed the girl's cheek. “So why shouldn't we meet again?”

The girl's mouth opened but then closed.

“I want to be with you, Dakota.” Harry looked at the girl tenderly. “I think I've fallen in love with you.”

Harry smiled as the girl widened her eyes in surprise and leant down to kiss her lightly. Then he pulled away and stared lovingly at the girl. “I love you, Dakota.”

The girl looked long at him until Harry began to worry if she had gone into shock. But then the she spoke.

“We just met two days ago, how can you fall in love with me in that amount of time?”

Harry smiled. “Ever hear of 'love at first sight'?”

“You love my face.” The girl smiled bitterly.

Harry was taken back by the answer. He never thought the girl would respond like that. “Well, I admit… Your face mesmerized me, but that isn't enough for me to fall in love with you. As I've spent time with you, getting to know you, I fell for you, and the more time I'm with you, being with you, I've fallen deeper for you.”

The girl shook her head. “You don't know me, you can't possibly know who I am.”

Harry stilled the girl's head and looked at her tenderly. “You are Dakota, an independent, kind, smart, gentle, brilliant, and tender girl, who has captured my heart.”

“Brilliant, smart, and independent, maybe, but I am not gentle or tender, moreover kind.” The girl still smiled bitterly.

“Yes, you are.” Harry caressed the girl's cheek again. How he loved the way it felt against his calloused hand. “I saw you with the children at the park yesterday. You're a kind girl, Dakota, though you may never admit that to yourself.”

The girl pulled Harry’s hand away from her cheek, stopping his caress. “I am not an innocent angel like you think I am, Harry. I can be anyone, a rogue, a killer, a wanted person, or even a whore.”

Harry tensed at the word “whore.” He looked sharply at the girl. “Are you?”


“Are you what you described just now?”

The girl smiled sadly. “Most of them are true.”

Harry closed his eyes as the word “whore” echoed inside his mind. He couldn't believe the fact that the girl in his arms right now has been through such a life. Then he heard the girl speak up again.

“It's okay if you don't want to meet me again. I understand that...” Harry didn't let Dakota finish her sentence. He dove in and sealed the girl's lips with his, preventing her from speaking any further.

He kissed the girl long and desperately, embracing her tightly as if wanting to protect her from the evils of the world. He buried his head on Dakotas shoulder and nuzzled her neck while murmuring, “I won't leave you, Dakota. Never.”

“You don't hate me?”

Harry pulled back and stared at Dakota. “Why should I?”

“I have done many bad things, Harry.”

“So have I.” Harry smiled sadly. “Tell me Dakota, did you like doing those things?”

She shook her head. “No, I did them because I was ordered to do them.”

Harry gritted his teeth, angry that someone forced the girl to do those things. “It's okay Dakota. I won't judge you for what you've done.”

“You will feel disgusted and hate me when you know what I have done to be with you.” The girl smiled sadly again.

Harry didn't want to know. The girl had suffered so much already; He would not let anybody make her suffer anymore. Again, he captured Dakotas’s lips, plundering inside her mouth desperately as if wanting to erase the sadness and despair from the girl. She let him claim and explore her mouth, responding with her tongue.

Finally out of breath, he withdrew and buried his head in her hair, hugging her tenderly. “I don't care Dakota. I love you for who you are, not what you are. I love the person inside this beautiful body. You can believe me when I say I will never feel disgusted, let alone hate you.”


Sensing the girl not believing him, Harry pulled away and stared squarely at her. “Dakota. I love your spirit and your personality, not your physical body.”

“You can have any girl you want, someone who's beautiful and well bred, someone suited to you, Harry. I can't make you happy.”

“Don't you understand? I want you. You!” Harry tightened his grip along her waist, desperate to convince her. “And you do make me happy! I feel whole, like I've finally found my home when I am with you.”

How could he convince the girl that the only one he wanted right now was she? Her love, and her heart was all he needed? How could he make her believe she was the one for him and he was the one for her? Harry raised his hand and caressed the girl's cheek tenderly. “Let me love you, Dakota.”

“..........Will you promise me one thing?” Dakota covered Harry’s hand on her cheek with her own.

Harry smiled happily, “Anything!”

“Don't ask about my past or try to investigate my life. If you do that, I will be gone forever from you.” The girl looked at him seriously.

Harry nodded; he also couldn't let the girl know about his life as a member of the order so he respected her request. “All right. I won't do it.”

“Okay then.” The girl smiled, this time it was not a sad one, but a happy one. Harry would do almost anything to see that smile again. He was sure he could never let the girl go. No matter how hard his missions would be he would find a way to be together with Dakota. Slowly, he reached inside his shirt.

“Dakota, if I ever have to leave you for sometime, this will be a reminder...” Harry retrieved a cross necklace inside his shirt and put it around Dakotas neck.

“Harry, this...” The girl touched the necklace.

“It was from my parents before they died. It’s the most important thing that belongs to me, for it reminds me about the people who loved me. And of the people who remain loving me. I give it to you as you are the person I love most.”

“Love most?”

“Yeah, the one I want to spend my life with.” Harry pulled the girl onto his lap and hugged her possessively. They sat like that, enjoying the scenery before them and the closeness between them, until the day turned dark.

To Be Continued...

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Chapter ThreePartings Are Such Sweet Sorrow

Harry took Dakota back to the alley and promised to meet at the same time and same place tomorrow. Like the previous day, when Dakota refused to be walked home, so Harry had to settle for watching her walk away and leave him behind, well not before giving him another kiss of course. He didn't take his sweater from her since he intended to give it to Dakota anyway.

Feeling happy, Harry decided to stop at a pub and bought drinks for his friends at home. He would announce this new development in his life to his friends. Harry grinned like an idiot as he flew the broom to the edge of the alley; he couldn't wait to see their reactions.

When he past the edge, Harry saw Draco walking towards the same destination. What stunned Harry was that the Slytherin wasn't wearing his usual clothing. Instead of his usual classy or rather stylish clothing, Draco was wearing a white turtleneck shirt and blue jeans.

So the Perfect Slytherin finally felt cold, huh? Harry grinned and stopped the broom right in front of Draco. “Need a lift, Draco?” Without waiting for an answer, Harry threw the goggles that Dakota used before to his Slytherin companion. Draco caught it with one hand since his other hand was holding his bag. He put it on and murmured a thank you.

As Draco mounted the broom, Harry felt a familiar feeling. The same feeling from when Dakota sat behind him before. Harry smiled at the thought of the girl. “Ready, Draco?”

A snort came as a reply. Harry grinned and took off at a high speed. As he increased the speed, Harry felt Draco’s hands tighten around his waist. Again, he smiled. This situation reminded him of Dakota, making him feel like she was riding with him right now. Harry wondered whether it was the Slytherin heredity between Dakota and Draco that made them similar in behaviour and attitude.

“Are we going to have a party here, Harry?” Hermione greeted Harry and Draco as Harry walked in with a plastic bag full of drinks. Draco walked past him and quickly went to their room to put his bag away; then joined them back in the living room.

“Well, you can say that Hermione.” Harry winked and gave the drinks to his friends. “My treat.”

“What game do you want to play now, Potter?" Ginny eyed the drinks suspiciously but took them nonetheless.

Harry gave a mocking expression of being hurt. “Not a game, Ginny. I want to celebrate something tonight.”

“And what may that be?” Ginny raised one eyebrow and sat down on the sofa she had sat in the day before.

“Well, there are two things to celebrate to be exact.” Harry smirked from the sofa he sat on and gave a look to his Slytherin companion, who sat beside him. “First, to celebrate the day when Draco decided his classy and stylish clothes were indeed too thin for this cold weather.”

“Hn.” Draco snorted but didn't say anything to deny it.

“Looks like I'm right.” Harry grinned. “But of all the possible things to trade your stylish clothes for, why a turtleneck, Draco? You look like Ron with that white turtleneck and jeans, you know.”

“I don't want my neck to be cold.” Dracos answer surprised Harry for he didn't expect the Slytherin to respond to his teasing.

“Ever heard of a scarf, Draco?”

“Not efficient.”

Harry made a face. Draco can be really irritating sometimes, and why did he have this feeling that if Dakota were asked the same question, she would answer just like Draco did? The green-eyed Gryffindor thought it was very possible for Draco and his girlfriend to be brother and sister, judging from their similarities in their personalities and physiques. But the thought was quickly interrupted by Hermione.

“Okay, what's the second reason for celebrating, Harry?" Hermione smiled. She and Ron had settled down on the sofa, holding their glasses. The fiery-red head could guess what had happened to the raven-haired boy, judging from how cheerful he was. “Does this have any connections with that English girl you met with again today?”

“Well..........She's my girl, now.” Harry smiled and waited for his friends' reaction.

Hermione smiled. “It figures.” Harry opened his mouth in surprise. He looked at the others' reactions. Ginny only snorted, Ron nodded, and Draco...

The Slytherin boy lifted his glass. “Congratulations.”

Harry smiled and lifted his own glass, clinking his with Dracos. “Thanks mate.” Harry drank half the glass and then looked at his other friends. “You aren't surprised? Damn, and here I thought I'd see some funny expressions from you guys.”

“Not a chance, Potter. But might I ask how you got her to agree to be with such a talkative and annoying person such as yourself?”

“Thank you for the praise.” Harry stuck his tongue out mockingly, knowing Ginny was only teasing him. “I kissed her, Weasley. What else?”

The fiery haired girl coughed for a moment and then she blushed slightly. “Your mouth isn't only fast in speaking but also fast in action, Potter. I hope she didn't slap you for that.”

“Oh, on the contrary, Ginny. She liked it. I know that for she let me kiss her again and again.” Harry smirked when the young girl blushed more.

“Dishonourable Gryffindor...” Ginny muttered weakly.

“Hey, I heard that.” Harry jumped and knocked Ginny from her chair.” You'll see how dishonourable I am.” The green-eyed boy grinned and tickled Ginny until she was out of his breath. Hermione giggled and snuggled closer to Ron, watching her two friends wrestling on the floor.

However in his wrestling, Harry missed the look that Draco gave him. He was so focused in the wrestling that he didn't notice his Slytherin companion touch his chest tenderly, feeling something beneath the shirt. And the others didn't seem to notice the gesture either, except for a certain fiery haired boy who studied the Slytherin from the corner of his eyes.

The days passed in a blur of happiness for a certain Gryffindor. He met his girl everyday, spending some time together at the lake when he managed to borrow the broom from Draco. They were always: talking, playing, and of course kissing. Harry liked kissing the girl. Not a day passed without a kiss. He would kiss Dakota whenever and wherever he wanted and she didn't seem to mind. She would open her mouth and let Harry in, kissing him back passionately.

But the happiness didn't last forever.

A week after he first met the girl, Harry received his next mission. The Gryffindor cursed, as the mission required him to leave The Burrow right away. He would have to tell Dakota about this, Harry mused about his girl while packing his clothes.

He frowned when he noticed his bag had worn out. Time to buy a new one but meanwhile, he would have to borrow Draco’s bag. The Gryffindor rummaged around the closet and saw Dracos green shirt. He stopped his search and touched the shirt, finding himself missing the sight of Draco wearing it. Draco had kept wearing the white turtleneck, despite the weather, it being cold or not. Harry often teased Draco for that, but the Slytherin only snorted and dismissed him.

Back to his original purpose, looking for the bag, Harry stressed. Where is it? He thought. Harry searched to no avail in the closet. Draco must have put it somewhere else. Harry knew that he should have waited and asked Draco for permission first, but then again if he waited, he couldn't tell Draco about his departure. And God knows when the perfect Slytherin would be back from whatever he was doing. So Harry took the liberty and explored the room, trying to find the bag.

He finally found the bag under the bed. He pulled it out and noticed the bag wasn't empty. Running out of time, Harry decided to dump the contents onto Draco’s bed. Draco would understand. Without looking at the contents on the bed, Harry quickly put his belongings in the bag, still thinking about Dakota and how he would miss her.

When done with his preparations, Harry took his bag and walked to the door. He glanced once again around the room, making sure that he didn't miss anything and that was when his eyes fell onto the contents on Draco’s bed.

The bag in his hand fell heavily to the floor with a loud thump as Harry acknowledged the contents. “What's the meaning of this?” Harry’s voice wavered as he approached the bed. There on the bed were the clothes he had seen Dakota wear. As Harry stood at the bed's side, he saw his sweater among the clothes. It was the sweater he gave to Dakota and on top of the clothes; Harry saw a wig, a raven-black shorthaired wig. The Gryffindor took the wig and stared at it. “This is Dakota’s…” Harry was really confused and surprised. Why did Draco have all of Dakota’s clothes? And most of all… why did Dakota wear a wig; was she bald or something?

Suddenly the door was opened and Harry looked up to see his Slytherin companion standing at the entrance. Draco’s eyes widened as he saw Harry holding the wig. His mouth opened but nothing came up. And that was when all the pieces of puzzle inside Harry’s head began to form a complete picture.

Dakota had a bruise on her shoulder and Draco also had one on his. Dakota was cold and Draco was cold too. Draco started wearing a turtleneck shirt on the day Harry gave Dakota his cross. All Dakota’s gestures felt familiar, as if he had known her for a long time. No wonder, because Dakota was Draco!!! Dakota was his Slytherin companion, the Perfect Slytherin, The Prince of darkness, Draco Malfoy in disguise!!!

Harry felt anger welt up inside him, accompanied with hurt. Anger for being tricked and hurt for being betrayed… Dakota was just an illusion, created by his Slytherin partner. Of course, who else can pull off being the perfect girl, except for the perfect Slytherin? Harry chuckled. He had fallen for Draco’s game.

“Harry…” Harry looked up and saw Draco standing in front of him, unsure of what to do. “I....”

“Nice wig, Draco. Or should I say Dakota?” Harry cut Draco off, talking in a cold tone. And Harry wasn't disappointed to see the Perfect Slytherin flinch at the tone of his voice. “So this was your game? Your revenge against me for teasing you?” Harry stepped forward while Draco took a step back.

“Harry, I…”

“Congratulations, Malfoy. You managed to make me look like an idiot. I even professed my love to an imaginary girl. Oh, no, I've professed my love to you, an emotionless bastard.” Harry threw the wig at Draco who didn't make any attempt to catch it and let it hit his face.

As the wig fell to the floor, Harry snapped again. “Very nice disguise, Malfoy. You played your part very well, making me feel so happy, so comfortable, and so in love. You talked nicely to me while inside you laughed at me, didn't you? You laughed at how easily I've fallen for you. You even opened your greedy mouth to receive my kisses. I bet you'll open your mouth to anyone, won't you, whore?”

Harry felt satisfied as Draco flinched at his harsh words. Draco had hurt him deeply and now the perfect Slytherin was going to pay for it! “Yes, you're a whore, aren't you? Just like you said at the lake. A killer, a rogue, a scoundrel, and a whore! I've made a mistake when I saved you on that cursed night. You were enjoying yourself with those men, weren't you? Well, forgive me for stopping them. I should have let them have their way with you, slut!”

Out of breath, Harry panted. Draco had bowed his head in the middle of his harsh words. Was he hurt by Harry’s words? Harry didn't care; he was hurt, hurt very deeply. He had thought he had found his mate, his life partner and even imagined about living together. But all of them were just imaginations.

Harry chuckled again. “Come to think of it, Dakota never said she loved me, eh? You enjoyed every time I told you of my love for you, feeling smugly that you already captured my heart, didn't you? Well, Dakota,” Harry spat it sarcastically, “I'm going to finish a mission, sweetheart. I'd thought that I would miss you, that I'd be far from you now, but now I think I'm grateful for that.” Harry took a breath and said his final words. “You can go and find another victim for your game. I won't fall for you again, whore.”

The upset Gryffindor left the room, slamming the door loudly and racing towards his hidden broom. He took off at a high speed, trying to leave The Burrow as fast as he could. Meanwhile in the bedroom, the blond haired boy was still standing, head bowed. As the sound of the broom faded and left him in silence, he reached inside his shirt and retrieved a silver cross. No sound was heard as one crystal tear fell on the cross.

The dream was over.

To Be Continued...
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Chapter Four - Sayonara

I don't have something to smile about.

Harry cursed as he attacked the death eaters. Instead of seeing Draco’s smirk and mocking smile as he sliced through each enemy, the Gryffindor found himself replaying all of Dakota’s words that she’d said to him since they first met.

Thank you very much. I've never been this happy before.

Dakotas’s words kept echoing in his mind as he attacked each enemy.

I'm sorry Harry…

Harry gasped as one enemy managed to attack him back. He turned and sliced the death eater with Gryffindor’s sword.

You love my face.

“Damn you, Malfoy!” Harry cried out and controlled the sword wildly, sending all the death eaters in his way to the bottom of a heap.

I'm not an innocent angel like you think I am, Harry.

The Gryffindor moved as efficient as ever, destroying more and more enemies.

It's okay if you don't want to meet me again. I understand that...

Finally the last death eater had been destroyed. Harry panted inside and out. No matter what he did, the image of a smiling Dakota kept reappearing in his mind. Her soft voice, her happy expression, and the sensation when he kissed those soft lips, Harry reminded himself that it was Draco the whole time, but still he found he missed his Dakota. It had only been two days since his departure.

You don't hate me?

Harry stared out onto the ocean the appeared far in the distance. He was confused, and angry. All of Dakotas’s words were true.

After completing his mission on the sixth day, Harry finally flew his fire bolt back to the hidden cave in the forest near The Burrow. He still wasn't sure about what to do with a certain Slytherin. He had spent six days inside the cave, rarely eating or sleeping. All he could think was Dakota this, and Dakota that. Her words kept ringing; repeating themselves like a litany inside his mind.

It was past midnight when he arrived at The Burrow. Harry trotted up to his room, Draco’s room. Harry drew his breath, unsure of what to do. He couldn't predict what the Slytherins reaction would be once he saw him. Slowly, he opened the door and walked in.

Harry held his breath as he acknowledged Draco lying on the bed, sleeping. Still confused about his own feelings, Harry approached the sleeping boy. He stood next to the bed and stared at the sleeping figure wrapped and covered from the neck down by a blanket. Dracos face was pale under the moonlight that fell from the window. He was breathing regularly through his pointed nose. Harry ran his eyes over the small boys face. How much he missed this face, those soft lips, and the delicate cheeks he used to caress tenderly. He missed his Dakota.

The buff Gryffindor unconsciously raised his hand and touched the sleeping boy's cheek. He watched the face. It was Dakota’s. Before him was Dakota’s nose, Dakota’s lips, Dakota’s chin, and Dakotas’s eyes. This was his Dakota. The gray-blue eyes opened slowly as he caressed the cheek and blinked in confusion at him. How he missed those beautiful eyes. His fingers trailed from the soft cheek to the lips. They were opened slightly as the owner seemed confused and surprised at Harry’s actions.

Harry felt drawn into those colourful eyes as he leaned down and captured the delicate lips, replacing his fingers. Oh, Dakota, his Dakota. How he missed tasting her. Those lips opened as Harry ran his tongue on them, granting him access. Dakota always let him inside, let him claim and tease the shy tongue inside and this time was no exception either. Harry sighed in satisfaction as he explored the moist cavern. He sucked and licked every inch of it, savouring the sensation he had missed for more than six days.

When he felt his lungs were on fire, Harry broke the kiss and stared at the lovely face. Those beautiful eyes were still staring at him in confusion and disbelief as a hand came up and touched Harry’s face, as if trying to convince the owner that this wasn't a dream. The hand caressed Harry’s cheek slowly and he leaned into the caress, closing his eyes.

Then a voice came up, breaking the serene moment they shared. “Harry...”

The voice...it was low and heavy. Dakota’s voice was lighter than this. It wasn't Dakotas’s voice! Harry’s eyes snapped open. His mind finally registered that it was Draco he had kissed. It had always been Draco. Harry felt the anger rise inside him again. He had fallen into Draco’s game again. He had kissed Draco again despite all the words he had said before he left The Burrow. And being like a whore he was, Draco accepted his kiss again, opening his greedy mouth easily. The anger became stronger as Harry imagined the mocking smirk Draco would give him, a triumphant smirk. All right then, if Draco wanted to play, Harry would play too.

Harry caught the hand on his cheek and pinned it on the bed at the same level with Draco’s head. He dropped his weight, sitting on Draco’s torso and pinning the boy. “You like to be kissed, don't you whore?”

“Harry?” The voice sounded confused at the sudden change.

“How many men have fallen into your game, slut? I bet you opened your mouth for them too. Well, if you want a kiss, I'll give you the kiss you deserve, whore.” Harry leaned down and ravished the small boy’s lips. This time there was nothing gentle about the kiss. It was a kiss that was meant to hurt, to inflict pain. Harry poured all of his anger into the kiss, biting down on every surface he met with his teeth and tasting the sweet metallic blood. He thrust his tongue roughly into Draco’s mouth, sucking and licking it ferociously as if wanting to draw all the air out of the Slytherin boy. He even bit the tongue that tried to push his tongue away.

“Hmph...” Harry felt Draco try to push him away with his free hand and turn his head to the side to avoid the kiss. This only resulted in angering Harry more. Breaking the kiss, Harry raised his hand and brought it down fast to meet Draco’s left cheek. The resounding smack broke into the silence of the night.

Harry panted; his anger had blinded him. But he was shocked when he heard the loud smack echoing throughout the room. He could feel his hand throb in pain from the slap and slowly his anger subsided. Finally, he realized what he had done once his eyes fell on Dracos red cheek. He ran his eyes to check the Slytherin boy's condition. His head had been thrown to the side by the force of the blow. Draco’s eyes were wide open but didn't focus to any certain points. Then, Harry saw the bleeding and tortured lips.

The Gryffindor felt dizzy, looking at the results of his anger. He never thought he would attack and ravish his partner like this. And what worried him the most was that Draco wasn't moving. He lay as still as a rock. One of the boy’s hands was still pinned by one of his, while the other one lay lifelessly by the side of his pinned body. Slowly, Harry released the pinned hand and moved his weight off of Draco to sit on the bed.

Draco still didn't move. The young boy seemed to be afraid of moving, like he would be hurt again if he moved. For the first time in a long time, he felt lost, Harry felt lost in life. He didn't know what to do or what to say. Then his eyes caught something glint on Draco’s chest.

Their struggling had shoved the blanket down and revealed the bare chest of the boy. Harry stared at the shimmering item. It was his cross.

Harry looked back at the boy’s face and was stabbed with guilt when he noticed the pain and hurt held within those beautiful eyes. His head throbbed painfully as the dizziness that attacked him and his body couldn't stand the lack of sleep and lack of food any longer. He fell forward and heard Dakota’s voice one last time before he blacked out.

Love most?

The Slytherin watched as his Gryffindor partner rested uneasily on his bed, tossing and turning every few minutes. He raised his hand and touched his own cheek, feeling the pain there. His eyes stayed on the restless figure on the bed, watching him long after coming to a decision.

It was dark and hot. Where am I? Harry opened his eyes and saw walls of fire in front of him. He ran away, trying to escape the hot walls, but the walls seemed to follow him wherever he went. He ran and ran, never stopping. Then he came to a dead end. Harry turned and saw the walls getting closer and felt his sweat sliding down rapidly over his body as his surroundings became hotter.

Then he felt something cold on his forehead. He looked up and saw a boy with blue eyes extending his hand. Harry quickly caught the hand and felt his body being pulled up, leaving the heated environment. The boy pushed him toward a light. As he entered the light, Harry felt his hand being released. He looked back and saw the boy standing in the dark, smiling sadly. Harry extended his hand but the boy shook his head. As the light engulfed him, Harry heard the boy uttering one word.


To Be Continued…
Authors Note - I just want to clarify some things in case they are not obvious, or known in the story. Ginny was in love with Harry, But it ended very badly, and that is why she remains calling him, “Potter.” Ginny then learns that she swings the other way, and falls for Hermione, but it does not work out, for Hermione is in love with Ron. That’s all for now! Hope you like the new chapter! And I’d really appreciate feedback before I post the 2nd to last part to this story! Thanks ~Missa~

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So let the magic begin…

Chapter Five - I Can’t Make You Happy

Harry opened his eyes and quickly shut them as the brightness assaulted them.

“Harry, can you hear me?”

“Hmm, Draco?” Harry slowly opened his eyes, and as they adjusted to the light, he could see someone bend over him.

“No, it's me, Hermione.” Harry could finally see clearly. He looked at Hermione. Ron was beside the brunette, studying her. Harry was then aware of his surroundings. He was on his bed. What was he doing here?

“Finally, you’re awake, Potter.” The Gryffindor turned his head and saw Ginny walking in, bringing a bowl of soup. “Here, eat this.”

Harry realized then that he was very hungry. With Hermione’s help, he managed to sit up and lean against the headboard. He then took the bowl from Ginny and quickly ate it. As he ate, he noticed Ginny taking a seat on Draco’s bed. Ron was leaning against the wall across from his bed and Hermione sat on his bed with him. Something was missing. No, someone was missing.

“Where's Draco?”

“He went out this morning. What happened, Harry?” Hermione asked.

The boy frowned. What had happened? He seemed to be forgetting something big. Let's see...Draco...he thought. Suddenly the image of Draco with a redden cheek and bleeding mouth flashed in his mind and Harry remembered. “Draco!” He shouted and straightened his body, almost spilling his soup in the process. “Where is he, Hermione? Is he okay?”

“I don't know where he is, Harry. Calm down. And what do you mean by asking if he is okay?” Hermione began to worry.

“I ...I....” Harry couldn't bring himself to tell his friends what he had done to Draco. “Didn't you see his face, Hermione?"”

Hermione frowned. “I haven't seen him since last night, Harry. This morning, when I came out from my room, I found a note on my door. It was from Draco, here read it.” Hermione pulled out the note from his pocket.

Harry snatched the paper right away and began to read it.


Harry had a fever last night.
Don't worry, his fever had ceased
this morning, but I can't stay with
him, so I hope you will take care
of him.


His hands trembled as he read the letter. The Gryffindor boy had this feeling that he would never see Draco again. He put down the letter and looked at his comrades. “He didn't tell you where he went?” As the three shook their heads, Harrys face fell miserably.

“What had happened, Harry? Is Draco okay?” Hermione was really worried now.

“I don't know, Hermione. I don't know.” He shook his head. He was worried about Draco but he didn't know what to do right now. What would he tell Draco? And how could he explain his behaviour to him if he was confused with it himself?

“You figured it out, didn't you?” Ron’s voice penetrated Harry’s ears. The raven haired boy looked up and saw Ron looking at him in his usual expressionless manner.


“You know who Dakota really is, don't you?”

Harry widened his eyes. “You know?”

Ron nodded and looked at Ginny. Harry followed at Ron and looked at Ginny, confused. He couldn't believe it when Ginny nodded and spoke up, “I know too, Potter.”

“You both know?” Harry spoke weakly.

“I know too, Harry.” Harry looked at the brunette in front of him in disbelief.

“How?” The word was spoken in despair.

“I had my suspicion when I noticed that every time you went out to meet Dakota, Draco also disappeared from The Burrow. And then later Ron convinced me of my suspicion.”

Harry looked at Ron questioningly. “I knew it on the day Draco started wearing his turtleneck shirt. I saw him caressing something beneath his turtleneck when he thought no one was paying attention to him. Did you give him your cross?”

Harry nodded weakly, and turned to Ginny.

“I knew it when you told us her name.” The young girl said, she noticed the confused look on Harry’s face and explained further. “I studied English translations to names years ago. Dakota means 'friend', Draco means 'dragon' and judging from his reaction as I asked you about the girl's feature; I was convinced that the girl was Draco.”

The green eyed boy slumped back against the headboard and let out a despairing laugh. “So it was only me who didn't recognize that she was really him? How stupid...”

“But you know now. How did you found out, Harry?” Hermione asked, half afraid of the unpredictable reaction he would get.

“I found his wig.” Harry smiled bitterly and looked at his friends as anger began to rise inside him again. “I don't believe this. You knew about this the entire time and yet you didn't tell me? I thought we were friends!”

“We are. And that's why we didn't tell you.” Ron spoke up.

Harry looked sharply at Ron. “What do you mean?”

“You were so happy, and so was Draco. I caught him smiling once, Harry.” Hermione decided to help her lover.

An image of Dakota smiling at him flashed in Harry’s mind. The boy bowed his head. “You knew that it couldn’t last forever though.”

“We know. Either you would recognize she was Draco or Draco would tell you. But when it did happen, we wished you two would have realized your feelings for each other.” Hermione answered.

Harry looked at Hermione bitterly. “Why do you think that I have feelings for him, Hermione?”

Hermione was surprised. “You don't?”

Harry looked away. “I only think of him as my friend.”

“No, you don't.” Ron spoke up, making Harry look at him surprised. “Your feelings toward him are more than mere friendship.” When Harry wanted to protest, Ron held up his hand, gesturing him to stop. “Hear me out first, and then you can say whatever you want.”

Harry closed his mouth, biting his lower lip, and started a staring contest with Ron. After several minutes, the green eyed boy finally nodded his head in agreement.

“Okay, I will point out to you some things that you didn't realize. Tell me if I am right or wrong in my observations. First things first, are you opposed to relationships between individuals of the same gender?”

“If I was, I wouldn't be staying with you all, as Ginny swings that way.”

“True. So, have you realized that you, yourself, don't have any objections in being part of a homosexual relationship?”

As Harry nodded, Ron took a comfortable pose before continuing with the rest of his questions.

“Every time you have to share a room, you want it to be with Draco, right?”

Harry nodded.

“Every time you need a partner, you will ask for him, right?”

Harry nodded again.

“If you only see the three of us, you will ask where Draco is, right?”

Again, Harry nodded.

“If we sit down in the living room, you will always sit next to Draco, right?”

Harry nodded. Ron took a breath, taking a further step in his questions.

“Whenever you come home, the first thing you will do is search for Draco, yes?”

Harry thought about that for awhile and then nodded weakly.

“You would feel like something was missing if Draco wasn't with you?”

Harry nodded.

“Do you feel happy when you see him, when he is around you?”

Again, the boy nodded. Ron swallowed, these were the last steps.

“Did you look for the similarities between Dakota’s and Draco’s features?”

Surprised, Harry looked at Ron. When he saw Ron looking seriously at him, Harry nodded his head again.

“Did you realize Dakota and Draco act very similar?”

He nodded.

“Did you ever imagine you were with Draco while you were with Dakota or vice versa?”

This time, Harry bit his lower lip before nodding.

“Do you want Dakota to be with you all the time?”

Harry nodded.

“Do you care for Dakota?”

Again, a nod.

“Do you want Dakota in your life?”

Harry nodded again.

“Do you love her?”

Harry looked at Ron again, surprised and slightly angry but Ron looked at him calmly. “Okay, I’ll rephrase it a bit. Did you love her?” Biting his lips, Harry nodded.

“Do you care for Draco?”

Harry nodded.

Final question. Ron prayed that Harry could answer it. “Do you love Draco?”

Harry didn't nod.

“Harry? Do you?”

Harry still didn't nod, making Ron feel disappointed as the boy still denied his feelings.


Harry shook his head. “I don't know Ron, I really don't know.”

Ron sighed. He had done what he could. It was up to Harry now. “This is your decision. I can't help you anymore.”

Hermione spoke up. “You loved Dakota. Why can't you love Draco?”

Harry smiled bitterly. “Hermione, even if I do love him, I think it is too late for that. He must hate me right now, after what I have done to him.”

“What did you do to him?” Hermione feared that she didn't want to know the answer.

Still smiling bitterly, Harry answered. “What do you think, Hermione?”

At that moment, his magic gave her a wave of an image of what Harry was picturing in his mind. It showed an image of Draco lying on the bed with a red cheek, and bleeding mouth. The brunette gasped. “Oh Harry, you didn’t....”

Harry nodded. “Yes, I did. I hurt him, Hermione. I bit his lips until they were bleeding and I slapped him so hard. I also said many harsh words to him, trying to hurt him like he hurt me.”

Ginny eyed the boy. She was shocked by everything Harry did to the Slytherin, but she kept her disapproval to herself when she saw the despair in those emerald eyes. She knew the boy regretted everything he had done. “What did you do to him after that, Potter?”

“Huh?” Harry looked at Ginny.

“After you beat him, what did you do? Leave him?”

“I don't know, Ginny. I fainted after I realized what had I done to him. And when I woke up, I saw Hermione and Ron beside me.”

Ginny contemplated for a minute before she spoke up, “Potter, if he hated you, he would not have taken care of you while you were sick with a fever, or asked Hermione to look after you. Why do you think he left only after you broke your fever? No matter what happened, he would make sure of your safety first.”

“Well, he could have done that because I am a member of the order. He needs my help to complete his missions, and after all, accomplishing the missions is his top priority.” Harry spoke sarcastically.

Ginny didn't answer. She just looked at the boy who looked back at her squarely. After one minute of staring, the Gryffindor looked away. That was when Ginny spoke up, “You know that is not true. You are his top priority, Potter.”

“Oh yeah? Why did he leave then? He doesn't want to see me, that's why.” Harry still tried to debate, though deep inside his heart, he knew the truth. Draco left him not because of a mission.

“I think I have a suspicion as to why he left you.” Ron spoke up.

“Why, Ron?” Hermione also wanted to know why Draco left Harry.

Ron shook his head. “It's just my suspicion. I think you will find the answer here, Harry.” Ron held up a sealed envelope. He walked to Harry and gave it to the hurt boy. “I found it on Draco’s bed. It's for you.”

Harry quickly tore the envelope and took out the paper inside. As he read through the words, he felt waves after waves of pain stab his heart and he regretted every harsh word he had said.


I know you feel disgusted and hate
me. But at least please read this letter.
With this letter, I want to tell you what
I can't say verbally.

You can blame me for everything I have
done. But I want you to know that I am
really thankful for this past week. You
made me feel cared for and loved and gave
me some childhood memories. It was the
happiest week of my life.

I understand that you are angry and will
hate me for life. You have every right to
hit me because I am not sorry for tricking
you into this. But I never thought I would
hurt you this bad. You are wrong. I can't
make you happy.

As you wish, I will not bother you anymore.
You will not see me or hear from me again
for I will have my missions sent to me as
single ones. Please tell Ron, Hermione, and
Ginny that I care for and respect them.

Even with a letter, I can't bring myself
to write all I wanted to say to you. Only
three words, but still I can't say nor write
it. I am really sorry that Dakota could
never say those words to you. But then
again this is my last chance so I will try

...Aishiteru Harry. You may not want to
know the meaning. It's nothing, just
wanting to prove that I can write it, that
I still could feel. You can ignore it.


P.S. I hope you will meet a girl who
deserves to wear the cross necklace
you bestowed upon me. Thank you, for
letting me wear it. If only for a moment.
I just...I...motto...motto soba ni
itai, Harry...

The cross! Unconsciously, Harry ran his hand over his chest and felt the metal beneath his clothes. He took it out slowly and brought his head down to the metal. It was his cross, the one he put on Dakota, and the one he saw on Dakota’s chest. As he stared at the cross in his hand, he could hear his conversation with Dakota echoing in his mind.

Love most?

“Yeah, the one I want to spend my life with.”

You will feel disgusted and hate me when you know what I have done to be with you.

Harry felt something wet at the corner of his eyes. It slid down his cheek and fell on the cross. The saddened boy wiped the tear away from the cross and caressed it for some time. Draco knew the consequences when his identity was revealed, but he still...

I can't make you happy.

“He left because he thought he had hurt me and because he thought I didn't like boys.” Harry murmured and then looked at Ginny, who nodded in return. The tall girl understood how Draco felt for she too once felt like that towards Hermione. She would rather die than see Hermione hurt because of her feelings for her. Luckily, Hermione had told her, her feelings first and they ended happily. But Harry was not Ginny and the he didn't understand his own feelings. This was a problem. A problem, which might not be able to end as happily as hers and Hermione’s did; Hermione had Ron, and Ginny was seeing new people regularly, but she would always care for Hermione. Harry’s situation however, was one to be concerned about.

To Be Continued…

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So let the magic begin…

Chapter Six - Like A Child

Harry walked away aimlessly from The Burrow. His friends had left him to think and contemplate his feelings for a certain Slytherin boy and he quickly decided to get some fresh air to calm his mind.

The boy realized that he considered Draco more than a friend. But still, he wasn't sure whether he could think of Draco as his lover. And moreover Draco never told or did anything to indicate he has feelings for him.

He had wondered why Draco had kept his disguise when he knew Harry would be angry with him. But then, he found the answer to that once he asked Ginny the meaning of the words in Draco’s letter. Now, said words kept echoing inside him as he walked, feeling the cold wind against his face.

Aishiteru, Harry… I love you, Harry...

Draco loved him, despite the fact that they were of the same gender. Despite all the harsh words thrown to his face, despite how he had gotten hit and beaten by the Gryffindor boy. Draco loved him nevertheless.

Motto soba ni itai... Want to be with you a little longer...

That was why Draco continued wearing the disguise. As Dakota, he could be with Harry, could touch and kiss him without fear of being rejected.

Harry never thought love could be so strong. It was love that made Draco willing to wear girl clothes just so he could be with him. It was love that made Draco take care of Harry’s fever, although he was hurt himself. And it was love that made Draco leave Harry, not wanting to hurt him.

As he walked, Harry felt his eyes sting and the road before him became blurry. He recalled the week he had been with Dakota. Dakota never demanded or asked anything from him. The girl had been happy just to have him with her, and whatever Harry wanted she would give it to him. If Harry wanted her caress, she gave it. If Harry wanted her kiss, she gave it. If Harry wanted her love, she gave it. She gave it without asking for anything in return.

Harry knew he loved Dakota. But did he love Draco?

A cry snapped Harry from his thoughts. He looked around and saw a little girl crying. His feet had unconsciously brought him to the park where he and Dakota played a week ago. He looked at the girl and felt déjà vu as he watched someone squat in front of her. The person was wearing a black sweater, which Harry recognized as his. The person's back was facing him, so he couldn't see the face.

Harry stared at the squatting person, who was patting the girl's head now. The girl stopped crying and smiled a bit at the person. Then a woman shouted and ran towards their direction. The girl's face brightened and ran to meet the woman, who was her mother. He saw the woman smile her thank you to the person, and the girl waved her little hand as her mother took her home. The person waved back slightly and then stood up. The snow had fallen down again, leaving the person and Harry alone in the middle of the playground.

Actually, without looking at the face, Harry had known who the person was. The gestures and the way the person moved were too familiar for him not recognize. But still he held his breath as the person turned his head to the side, revealing one side of his face. The nose, the lips, the eyes, and the deep gray-blue eyes that turned silver-blue. They belonged to Dakota, to Draco...

“You are Dakota, an independent, kind, smart, gentle, brilliant, and tender girl, who has captured my heart.”

As Harry heard his own voice inside his mind, he watched the Slytherin boy gaze towards the swing. The eyes seemed so far away, as if the owner was not inside the body. Slowly, the thin boy approached the swing, eyes never leaving it.

Harry didn't know why, but he could feel the loneliness and despair encompassing the boy as he lowered himself on the swing and rocked it slightly. Draco looked like a lost child with his shoulders slumped down and his head bowed like that. Like a child who never expected to be picked up by his parents. A child who knew he was left there, abandoned and alone.

“I will not leave you, Dakota. Never.”

His own words stabbed him in the heart. He wanted to go there, to comfort Draco, but still he found that he couldn't move a muscle. Something was stopping him and he didn't know what it was. He could only watch as Draco rocked the swing faster and faster. It went higher and higher and then Harry saw Draco let go of the swing. The thin boy was thrown backwards by the momentum of the swing.

If this scene had been the scene on the second day Harry met Dakota, there would be a pair of arms that would catch the flying body and hugged it tightly and protectively. But then, this was not that day so there weren't any arms that would catch the flying body. A thud was heard as Harry watched Draco land on the snow covered sand pool, back first.

For a moment, time seemed to stop still. Draco didn't move and neither did Harry. Inside, Harry screamed, ordering his body to move and look to see whether the small boy was hurt or not. But something seemed to nail him to the ground still.

The tanned boy didn't know how long he had stared or how long Draco had lain there. Finally, Draco moved and sat up. Harry watched, as Draco once again walked to the swing and sat down, rocking it slightly as if repeating the previous action.

No, Harry didn't want to see it again. Draco was hurting himself, trying to convince himself that everything that had happened in that week would never happen again. It was merely a dream.

“I love for who you are, not what you are.”

The swing rocked faster...

“I love the person inside of this beautiful body.”

And faster...

“Dakota. I love your spirit and your personality, not your physical body.”

The last sentence snapped at Harry. Yes, he loved the person inside. The spirit and the personality was most important, not the body. So what if his Dakota was a boy? It was still Dakota nevertheless. The spirit and the personality were still there, inside a small boy named Draco Malfoy. The clothes and hair were an illusion, but Dakota was very real, closer to the truth than the Perfect Slytherin. Did he love Dakota like he had claimed, or just her face, like Draco had said? Dakota and Draco were one. She was who he couldn't be, but was. He was what she didn't want to be, but had to be. They were the same person.

The swing went higher...

No, Harry would not let misery and regret rule the rest of his live. He was going to get his happiness now. The happiness that he would share with Draco, the person he loved. The person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

As Draco let go of the swing once more, Harry leapt forward. His fear, his ego, and his pride, which had stopped him earlier, had been flown away. Damn those stupid feelings, he would not let them prevent him from getting his true love.

The small boy was flown backwards from the swing and Harry, who had arrived behind him, spread his arms, receiving the flying boy squarely in the chest. Never. He would never let go again.

Harry could hear a soft gasp from the boy in front of him as he hugged him tightly from the back and rested his chin on the boy’s right shoulder. “Welcome back...” Harry murmured, nuzzling the slender neck and feeling the familiar sensation of being so close to his love. “...To me.”

To Be Continued in Epilogue…
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So let the magic begin…

Chapter Seven - Epilogue

There, at the playground, a tanned boy hugged a very pale boy tightly near the swing. Neither of them moved, each savouring the other's presence. They stayed like that for quite a few minutes. The platinum-blonde haired boy didn't show any struggles and the raven-haired one didn't want to let go of him. Their world narrowed down the warmth of their bodies and the beating of their hearts.

Draco was too surprised to move. He only wanted to linger at this place one last time before he left and never came back. His eyes had fallen onto the swing and he couldn't help but sit on it. This would have been the last time he’d ever let himself be a child again.

As he lowered himself onto the swing and rocked it back and forth, he remembered his time with Harry two weeks ago. Harry had caught him from the back when he was flown, hugging him tenderly. But this time instead of a pair of arms, his back met the cold surface of the ground. The impact hurt his body but it was nothing compared to how his heart throbbed in pain, realizing there would be no one to catch and hug him again. He lay there for some minutes, relishing how good those sweet days were. They were like a dream now; a dream that was never meant to come true.

Draco stood and went to the swing again. He sat and rocked it. He couldn't help but think about his loved one. Harry, how was he now? Was he okay? Had he awoken? Harry was most likely still mad at him for tricking him. Now he had to face the consequences; he had hurt Harry.

Draco had predicted that Harry would have been mad with him once he found out what he had done. But he wasn't prepared for the pain he felt once Harry left him. In that dream-like week, Harry had hugged and kissed him whenever he could. He had become used to Harry’s touch and caress. Now, more then six days without a touch, he was being tortured.

As he let go of the swing, Draco felt his body flying backward. This was really the end. Once his body touch the cold sand pool below, he knew his heart would break into very tiny particles that could never be regrouped again. Sayonara, Harry.

But instead of meeting the cold surface, a pair of arms caught him. He felt the same arms that had caught his body almost two weeks ago: Harry’s arms. Draco gasped and heard a voice speak behind him. It was the same voice as two weeks ago and it murmured almost the same sweet words as before.

Draco was surprised as he realized that it was Harry who was hugging him. Why was he here? He should be resting from his fever. And he shouldn't hug him because he hated him, right? But instead of releasing him, Draco could feel Harry tighten his hug and bury his head into Draco’s right shoulder.

So here he was, standing on the sand pool with Harry hugging him. Draco couldn't understand why Harry did this. The only thing he knew for sure was that he missed this, missed being hugged, missed being in Harry’s arms. Harry was hugging him like in that dream again, so tender and gentle, full of passion. So if Harry wanted to do this, Draco would not be the one to stop him. He was more afraid to think what Harry would do once he released him later. It would be better if he stayed still and didn't move or speak at all. Draco could still have Harry, if only for a moment...

And Draco believed his moment was over when he heard Harry speak up again. “Please, say something.”

Say something? No, Draco was not going to repeat the same mistake like that night again.

During the nights after Harry left him, Draco stayed awake almost all the time, waiting for Harry to come back, hoping he would hear his explanation. But at the sixth day, Draco couldn't stay awake any longer and let sleep engulf him. He was awakened though by a soft touch on his cheek.

On that night when Draco opened his eyes slowly, he almost couldn't believe what he saw. Harry was staring at him and caressing his cheek tenderly. As he kept looking at Harry, he felt the heart shaped face getting closer. Harry was kissing him passionately, just like he did to Dakota. Draco couldn't believe it. Didn't Harry hate him? Wasn't he angry with him?

Could it be? Could it be that Harry loved him too? Draco could feel Harry’s tongue seeking entrance and he opened his mouth, letting it inside, welcoming it. Harry didn't hate him, right? After Harry finished tasting him, Draco raised his hand to touch him. He had to make sure that all of this wasn't a mere dream. Harry had come back to him and kissed him. Harry wasn't angry with him anymore.

Draco felt very happy as Harry leaned into his hand, closing his eyes when he touched the boy’s cheek. Harry, Harry forgave him! Maybe, maybe…could Harry still want him? It never hurt to try again, right?

Draco worked his jaw and called Harry, but the result was immediate. Harry’s eyes snapped opened and Draco could see the confusion in those emerald eyes replaced with anger. And Draco realized that he was wrong.

It hurt. It really hurt to try.

He could feel the pain stab his heart as Harry called him a slut and then whore. But then again he was a slut, right? He was Harry’s slut.

The pain from his mouth being ravished was nothing compared to the pain in his heart. No. It shouldn't be like this. He had to explain to Harry that he had never been with anyone except him. He was Harry’s whore, Harry’s slut, but not anyone else's. Harry was the only one. Only Harry. Harry had owned his heart long ago. But the hard slap on his cheek ceased all his struggles. No, the pain on his cheek was nothing. It was his heart. His heart was bleeding. Draco was being a stupid fool. Harry would never love him, let alone forgive him for what he had done.

Back to where he was now, Draco felt the arms around him tighten. “I...I, won't hit you.” Harry’s voice sounded full of regret. Did Harry think he didn't want to talk because he was afraid of being beaten? If so, then he had it wrong.

Draco wasn't afraid of being hit for he had predicted and was prepared for it. Yes, it hurt. It hurt so much, like a drill was making its way to his heart when the same hand that caressed his cheek not long ago, slapped the same cheek hard. But it was not the reason Draco didn't speak.

If beating him could make Harry feel better, than Draco would not fight it. That was why he chose to lay still on his bed after the slap, letting Harry do whatever he wanted to do to him. Though he felt his heart was being pierced by thousands of needles, Draco knew he deserved the beating. But Harry didn't do anything so Draco looked through the corner of his eyes and saw Harry eyeing his chest with a hurt expression.

The cross! Harry was hurt because he gave it to Dakota, not to Draco but instead he found it hanging around Draco’s neck. Then Draco felt a dead weight on his chest. Harry had fainted!

As he put Harry on the bed and examined him, Draco noticed Harry had abandoned his health and realized he was hurt because of his actions. Of course Harry was hurt. Draco had taken away his beloved Dakota from him. Draco was stupid he had hurt Harry. Why didn't he think about this before? He only thought the other boy would be angry and would hate him; he never thought his actions would have hurt Harry.

And that's the reason why Draco didn't want to speak right now. If he spoke, Harry would realize it was him he was hugging, not Dakota and Harry would be hurt again as he realized his Dakota was gone.

“I'm not angry with you, Draco.” Draco tensed as Harry said his name and felt him loosening his grips around him. Did Harry realize it was Draco he hugged right now? Not Dakota?

Draco wasn't blind to see how happy Harry was when he was with Dakota. Harry talked and laughed like he had never been that happy before in his life, and Draco savoured each and every moment. He was saving these memories so they would last forever. Now every time Harry saw Draco, he would always be reminded of his Dakota, who would never come back. Dakota was no more. There was only an emotionless soldier. A male soldier never a boy.

No, he didn't want to hurt Harry. Harry deserved to be happy and there was only one thing Draco could do to at least ease Harry’s pain. The same thing he had thought and decided while watching Harry toss and turn on his bed the other night. Draco had to leave him. If the source of Harry’s misery disappeared, he would not be sad and hurt anymore, right?

So with the same determination, Draco reluctantly walked away from the embrace. He wanted to turn back and see Harry’s face, but he was afraid he would never manage to leave him if he looked upon him again.

“Draco, wait!” Draco felt a tug on his sweater. It was Harry’s sweater.

Of course! Harry wanted his sweater back! After all, that sweater was for Dakota, not him. How foolish of him for thinking he could have the sweater as a reminder. Draco quickly released the sweater and let it fall to the hand that tugged on it.

Draco bowed his head. He shouldn't have taken the sweater. But he felt empty as he released the cross and put it back around Harry’s neck. He almost cried when he released the cross, which had been hanging around his neck for about two weeks, but then again Harry gave it to the person he loved most. And Draco was definitely not that person, so he didn't have the right to wear it. But maybe Harry would not mind if his sweater disappeared, right?

Draco smiled bitterly as he had thought wrong again. The wind blew and Draco felt the cold attack him. He was only wearing his thin top, beneath the sweater because there was no point in wearing the turtleneck since there was nothing to hide anymore. Assuming Harry was finished with whatever business he had with him, even though he knew Harry was still standing behind him, Draco tried to walk away again, only to have his arm grabbed.

The Slytherin was turned to face the Gryffindor, as Harry spoke, “Damn it, Draco. I didn't come here to ask for the sweater...” Draco noticed Harry stopped talking as soon as he was face to face with him, but he didn't want to meet Harry’s eyes, so he chose to look away. He couldn't bring himself to look into those emerald orbs, knowing there would be hurt and anger in them, caused by him.

Maybe Harry was too angry to continue speaking? Was Harry going to hit him again? Draco closed his eyes as he sensed Harry raise his free hand and prepared to receive the upcoming blows. He would not fight him; he deserved this. But instead of the blows, Draco was surprised and hissed unconsciously as the hand caressed his bruised cheek.

“I'm sorry.” Draco blinked as he heard Harry speak up in regret. The hand on his cheek slowly caressed it, as if trying to ease the pain away. What was Harry doing? Draco was confused and looked at Harry, only to find the boy looking back in regret. The hand on his cheek moved to finger his swollen lips. “Forgive me? Please?”

Draco blinked again. Why did Harry ask for forgiveness? He didn't do anything wrong. It was him who had done bad things to him. He had hurt Harry. Draco opened his mouth to answer but the only sound that came from him was a gasp of pain. In reflex, he brought his free hand to shove Harry’s fingers away and cover his own mouth. Draco hadn't realized his tongue and mouth weren't in any condition to speak with.

Since last night after Harry bit his tongue and ravished his mouth, Draco hadn't spoken a single word. He knew his tongue and mouth were bleeding but his attention that night was focused in tending Harry. Now he realized how sore his tongue and mouth were.

A hand came up and removed his hand from his mouth tenderly. Draco looked up and saw Harry look at him in regret while his hand started caressing his lips. “My fault. This is all my fault.” The wide emerald eyes started to water. “Will you ever forgive me for what I have done?”

Draco stared dumbfounded as a tear rolled down Harry’s cheek. This was the first time he saw the boy crying and it hurt him, hurt him like hell, knowing he was hurt too. He didn't want him to be sad. Harry had to be happy. Unconsciously, Draco brought his hand up to Harry’s face and wiped away the tear.

The boy was surprised when Harry caught his hand and kissed it like it was a precious thing. “Damn you, Draco.” Harry murmured while kissing the hand. For a second, Draco tensed, anticipating a blow from Harry but instead of what he expected, Harry clutched Dracos hand tightly “Even now, you only care for my feelings. You wipe away my tear, wanting to erase my pain and sadness but what about yourself? What about your feelings? You're bruised and bleeding because of me!”

Harry withdrew his fingers, which were caressing Draco’s mouth. Draco saw the red liquid staining the fingers and stared at them, surprised. His mouth was bleeding and he wasn't even aware of it. “You haven't noticed how injured your mouth and tongue were.” Harry smiled bitterly. “Is the pain in your heart so great that any physical pains you have are nothing in comparison to it?”

Draco looked away as Harry’s words hit straight at home.

“I'm right, aren't I?” Draco tried to pull his hand from Harry’s grip, but the Gryffindor held it tightly. “And I'm the fucking bastard that caused that pain you are in.”

Those harsh words made Draco look back at Harry. He didn't want Harry to address himself like that. This was not his fault. Despite the pain, Draco opened his mouth, wanting to tell Harry but a hand came up to cover his mouth. “Don't speak. It'll hurt your mouth and tongue even more. And yes, I'm a bastard. I hurt you.”

No, he was the one who was the bastard. He was the one who had hurt Harry. Draco tried to shove Harry’s hand away but Harry grabbed both of Draco’s hands and held them to his chest. “I know you don't care about your pain, but I care, damn it!” That made Draco stop his struggle and caused him to look at Harry in disbelief. “Yes, I care if you're hurt, Draco. It hurts me to see you in pain. It hurts me so much to see the one I love in pain.”

Harry’s words were too much for Draco. Did he hear what Harry had said correctly? The one he loved, he said? Harry loved him? No, Harry loved Dakota not him. Maybe he wanted him to give his Dakota back? Wanted him to be Dakota again? Was that why Harry cared for him? “No! I'm not talking about Dakota.” Harry growled and pulled Draco closer to him.

Draco was surprised. Was he so transparent?

“I know what you're thinking, Draco. No, you aren't that transparent but I've been with you too long not to recognize the expressions on your face.” Draco could hear Harry chuckling bitterly. “And damn me for realizing it just now.”

Harry looked up and locked their gaze. “No more Dakota. You're the one I love, Draco Malfoy. The one I want to spend my life with.”

Draco widened his eyes as he heard Harry’s words. This was a dream, right? A cruel dream that would leave him empty once he woke up. He might have hit his head when he fell from the swing. Harry would never love him. Draco shook his head, wanting to end the dream.

Harry growled and tightened his embrace. “Damn it, you have to believe that I love you! This isn't a dream.”

Draco felt his chin being grabbed and met a pair of emerald eyes that looked into him pleadingly. “Just hear me out first, please?”

Draco didn't answer and couldn't answer; he was drowning into those expressive eyes.

“I take it you'll listen.” Harry smiled slightly. “Just like before. I talk, you listen.”

Draco kept silent as Harry locked their gaze. “I don't care if you're a girl or a boy. All I know is that the person in my arms right now is the person I love. I don't want to ask you to be Dakota or Draco Malfoy. I only want you to be yourself, the one I love and who loves me.”

The Slytherin was stunned. And before he managed to process all the sentences, Harry continued. “You know I never lie. I run, I hide, but I'll never lie.” Harry stared passionately at the boy in his arms. “I love who you are, not what you are. I love the person inside this body, the spirit and the personality.”

Draco trembled as Harry repeated the words he had said to Dakota. Harry loved him, really loved him, despite the fact that he was a boy, despite the fact that he had hurt him. Would, would he dare to try it again, to go back and stay with him? Could, could he make Harry happy? He could end up hurting him again.

“Please, come back to me. Stay with me. I don't want to lose you now that I have you in my arms.” Draco watched as Harry’s face came closer and felt his swollen lips being kissed lightly. “Only you can make me happy, make me feel whole. I'm only a half without you.”

Harry would be happy? Really? Harry would be happy to be with me? Draco thought.

“Don't cry.” Draco felt a finger brush away the tears on his cheek. He didn't realize any tears had escaped his eyes. “I know I was wrong to drive you away, to throw so many harsh words at you and beat you. I've hurt your feelings deeply.” A tear rolled down on the tanned boy’s cheek. “Please, give me one more chance?”

Draco noticed Harry release him and retrieved something from his pocket. He didn't want to break the gaze, as Harry also didn't want to break it. But then he felt Harry put something around his neck and he widened his eyes as he recognized the item as a necklace. Could it be? Did he dare to hope?

Slowly, so slowly, Draco looked down and saw the silver cross hanging on his chest. Harry’s cross. As he took the cross into his hand, he felt Harry put the sweater around him and hugged him tightly again. “Maybe it's fate, or not. But I just realized today was Valentine’s Day. The day we spend with our loved one.” Draco felt Harry kiss his forehead and uttered the final question. “Happy Valentines day, love. Will you stay with me and spend the rest of our lives together? Forever?”

Together. Forever. Draco felt all the pain inside him dissolve leaving the happiness alone. This was all he asked for. To have someone to love and who loves him back. To feel safe and secured in his arms, while feeling warmth and serenity while being with him. And only Harry could give it to him. Only Harry wanted to accept him for what and who he was. Draco knew he would never be happy if he left Harry. Like Harry had said. Without him, he was only a half. They needed each other to become whole. To become one.

Draco held the cross tightly and looked up to the waiting emerald orbs. He worked his jaw, ignoring the pain and the bleeding from his mouth and tongue. Smiling slightly, he gave Harry his answer. The first word he had spoken that day.


The End!

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