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Warnings - This story is Lemon, SLASH/YAOI (m/m pairing), so if you don't like it you should leave now. May contain coarse language, sexual content, rape and any other bad thing your mind and obviously mine came up with.

Disclaimer - Draco: bloody hell, what the hell was that Potter?
Harry: How am I supposed to know malfoy, I’ve never driven before!
Draco: Potter Stop! , Stop the damn car Potter! Potter watch out!
Harry: what was that silver hexagon thingy?
Draco: I don’t know, I HAVN’T SEEN THE BACK OF A STOP SIGN BEFORE! Jeez potter!
Harry: I guess this isn’t the best time to tell him he has oil in his hair…
Draco: Ok, this may sound stupid but isn’t the writer suppose to be giving a disclaimer here, instead of making us slash stars give an introduction…
Harry: Isn’t that the most obvious question, with the most obvious answer?
Draco: well I didn’t think so…*Draco kiss’s Harry*
Snape: Oh can you two boy’s just get on with the disclaimer…damn these young wizards with thier bloody hormones now a days!
Draco & Harry: Yes professor Snape, right away…
Draco: I wonder if the writer realizes how long this is…
Harry: I wonder if Draco or better yet the writer knows what the disclaimer is…
Snape: Fine I’ll do it you incompetent little wizards: The writer doesn’t own anything to do with Harry potter, I thought it would have been a little obvious by now!
Writer: Well that’s not entirely true …I mean, I do own this story and all the other ones I make, and I own the power to create what i want all of you characters to say! *Mua ha ha ha* evil laugh.

Authors Note - Ok, so this is my first Lemon attempt, and I would really like opinions! Should I give up now? Or continue writing stuff like this?

Beta News - I have given up on Beta’s, so never ask me if you can be my beta! The answer is a definite NO!

Thanks - I would like to thank all new and old fans of my work! *Gives everyone a golden snitch*

And let the magic begin! …

One-Shot Mine For Life

Oh the smell of his flesh, the feel of it, and the taste... almost drives me wild. His pallid pasty flesh… was shown just for the likes of me. How it shines its death-like colour. My eyes: consuming every bit of his body. The room was fairly spacious, slight moonlight poured through a glass dome--painted light blue--in the mid of the ceiling. A large diffuser in the back corner set off smoke that ran along the bottom of the whole room, and gave off a small hinting sent of black cherries. The walls were glazed with vines, and the couple doors made of cast iron.

The boy, raven-haired… Potter--lay chained to the floor in the most exquisite position. Hands bound down to the side of him at about a 35-degree angle. Feet pinned not far from them, bent up and in, and legs spread so nicely. It was the perfect sight. My hands slowly crawled down his thigh, fingers slipping up the crease of where his leg and lower body met. My now-long silver hair lightly skimmed over his now apparent erection. I see him shiver, the hatred in his eyes, attempting to burn through me. I see the lust though. Poor Harry. Defeated by his body once again. A small grunt rolls off his lips as he continues trying to deny his need.

“Harry,” my voice low and smooth as usual; my hand slipping up, and thumb circling a hard nipple, “are you enjoying this?” My silver-blue eyes rolled up to look over him with my thumb still slowly circling his nipple. I sat just between his legs, my body hovering over his small graceful one. There was no escaping for him. He was mine. Yes. All mine. I could see him wince at my question, mind fighting with his body. His rosy lips parting to let out a compressed leak of air, not enough sound to call a moan. Bored with the reaction from teasing the nipple my hand would crawl up more, turning my palm to slide horizontally over his neck, thumb staying under his jaw line. What beauty, I could mould this child and do whatever I pleased with him. He was defenceless, and horny.

My tongue slipped out tracing a line on the upside of his jaw line. Surprise: what I hear, a moan. A minute moan, what joy! I smirked sliding my thumb up to brush firmly over his cheek, the other hand decided to join in action sliding down his side slowly. Harry’s hips slightly began moving, a bit of an agonized expression washed over him. What was the fun of foreplay if it weren’t torturous?

"You are enjoying this aren’t you?"

The hand around his neck slid away; as I leaned up to lightly lick his stomach, one finger just treading the boys’ hole. With that I heard the most delicious sound, a sort of moaning gasp. It was music, beautiful music. Once more I would lightly slide my finger over him, just to hear that wondrous sound. ‘Oh yes... this child...’ I could just eat him. His head tilted back with just enough angles to look so exotic from where I was sitting. I could feel my arousal starting to throb as I slipped two fingers in to stretch that tight ring of muscle. And his whimper, his compressed cry for help…slight scream of pain and gasp of invasion, all mixing into one wonderful song, which floated above me. I took a deep breath in savouring it all as my tongue slowly slid up his hard cock. I could see him shiver, hips bucking up in need.

"...Please......... D… Dra..Drac..oo.."

He had such difficulty saying my name. Such a stubborn boy, he should know he would never win over the snake. So very amusing, he still refused to give into me. That would change though... my fingers slipped out.

"Are you ready?"

That question was far from needed. I yearned to be inside him since I'd seen him, and now... I needed that satisfaction. Hands straddled his upper chest, body hovering over it once again. I could see the fear in his eyes, the lust, the need, and the hatred. All wonderful emotions; I trusted in giving off a bit of a grunt. He was so tight, my cock deliciously wrapped in a sweet warm velvet case. His head tipped back screaming in utter pain. I swear I could have came right there. Chains were clashing. In an attempt to pull away, but a failed attempt.

Another thrust followed slowly, gradually loosening him as he continued to squirm and whimper. His chest was heaving in deadly. Breathing so very off. His body must be quite confused, to hate this or love it. I picked up the pace, now slamming deep inside of him. Muttering out a slight moan as I did so. His hole so tight, so warm, so wonderful. He was starting to loosen; either that or the blood was becoming a lubricant. It was always the best lubricant in my opinion. ‘Yes… warm blood.’ My eyes rolled up to watch his pained expression curl in fear, panicking and needing free yet yearning to stay.

Red… the skin breaking open upon the silver blade that slid across his chest, my tongue digging deep into the wound upon its opening as I threw away the blade. ‘Gods yes...’ I shifted my position inside the other and pulled out slowly, so just my head was in, slamming back in against that sweet spot. My ears were pleased with the response to this… a yelp of pleasure, and pain. By this time the sweat glistened his body, his breathing unstructured into pants, hands attempting to find something to grab, but only being held back by the chains.

I grinned at this and slammed into him, hitting that spot over and over. The same riveting noises were heard, only to be inclining in volume as I continued. I could see him bite his lip, wanting to keep everything in. Though the look on his face told me… it would be coming soon.

"Draco..." he squealed, bucking his hips up a bit, eyes closing tightly, "oh… yes fuck me… hard... yes please right there..."

My body rolled up slightly to kneel semi straight as I pushed into him, still continuously hitting that spot inside him. My orgasm: so close. I let my tongue roll over the boys’ head, his cock twitching in need as I did so, and his grunts and groans cracking at each lick. He was close too! I could feel it. Hovering back over, my hands wrapping around his neck tightly as I drove myself into him as hard as I could. ‘Ah... a fragile creature gasping for air... beauty at it's best.’

My body moved with my thrusts, just enough to rub his cock against my chest. His struggling pleasure plea’s cracking into gasps for life. ‘It was so... there was no word to describe this.’ I let my hands slide off just in time, feeling the warmth on my chest. His cum shooting out in strings of four or five, body trembling, and the most perfect pitched squeal. My seed soon filled him, enough that some slightly leaked out, falling down his beautiful skin. He was indeed mine... all... mine.

Authors Note - So, How did everyone like my first Lemon? Good? Bad? I don’t know, you tell me ^_^

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